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As we all know: for the present market, on the market many free agent IDC service providers, IDC threshold is too low, and the domain name host is also all do web design or business site to do the necessary products, the need to build a station of business friends or want to have breakthroughs in the Internet business friends, due to their own general lack of professional IT staff , in order to reduce the enterprise in the construction of network platform pressure, is generally referred to provide from the domain name mainframe to build stations, such as one-stop service IDC services provider to take care of.

But a lot of network business Foresight Show Choose the service provider when the agent is the price and the success of the previous cases, or even everywhere looking for free agent, and low-cost agent, in fact, this ignores a few very crucial issues, such as the qualification of service providers, after-sales service, technical strength and so on.

Not to say that all the free agent and low-cost agents are not reliable, you have to look at the prerequisites of these agents, in the guarantee of qualification backing, after-sales service and technical strength under the premise of providing free agent and Low-cost agent can be trusted, such as the top ten virtual Host service providers in the world currently launched the Mid-autumn day of the true feelings back to fill 800 yuan to send 480 yuan discount is a good example, in addition, there are many authoritative service providers in this period of time to launch different activities.

But also understand that general formal strength service providers to provide low-cost agents and free agents when they do preferential promotional activities or is a festive day, if it is to provide free agents, are generally required to apply for free agent of the personnel to provide consumer data and information, and other signed a number of related agreements, If it is not in these circumstances to provide preferential agent, rarely can guarantee to have after-sales service.

The website is by "the website domain name, the website space, website program" Three parts, these three permissions are important factors that affect the normal operation of the site, the linkage World website operation and planning experts think: Do the agent to be smart, and generally pay attention to agent advance and agent platform, in addition to the "site domain name, site space, website procedures" These three powers, before the agent must find out the details of the service provider.

Agent Prepayment and proxy platform

Before the agent must sign the agency contract with the service provider, clear the relationship between the advance and product discounts, in addition to clear the function of the agent platform and the degree of self-management, which is related to the control of product rights, the general formal service providers can apply for a trial, open trial can first try the agent platform, Understand the usefulness of the proxy platform.

Title of site domain name

Domain name is the only indicator of the ownership of the site. You can register the domain name in the proxy platform, look at the domain name registration information is the system default or can fill out their own, if only the system defaults to the service provider information, then this service provider is not reliable, because once the service provider closed or domain name disputes, the domain name owner is to prove that you are the legal owner of the domain name. And their domain name is to fill out the information service providers, it is difficult to resolve disputes.

Quality of the virtual host

The space of the website is not bigger the better, the more lines the better, but suitable for their own site is the best, in addition, also pay attention to whether they have the right to grasp the management of space, whether to have the Space Management authority (that is, FTP upload management address, FTP upload account and password), only mastered these, Users can really get the right to use the site program and the service provider can not provide quality and stable services can be at any time to download the content of the site to choose to replace the service provider.

Web Program

Generally in the space of the FTP upload management address, FTP upload account and password and the database login address, user name, password users can easily through the login management background easy to publish, modify information and management website.

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