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With the development of mobile Internet and the popularization of mobile intelligent terminals, the habit of people using mobile phone to send and receive e-mail has also been formed. Mobile Mail can transform consumers ' habit of reading emails from PCs into mobile terminals, especially smartphones. Although some people are skeptical about this trend, but one thing you can't deny is that messages on mobile terminals are much more focused than on PCs, at least for smartphone users, reading the contents of a phone is easier than logging on to a mailbox on a computer and opening an e-mail. You can also easily send and receive messages outside of work time. Today's smartphone, basically can achieve the normal e-mail delivery, and many of the original PC mail service providers have also developed a wide range of mobile mail clients, the purpose is to develop mobile phone-side mail users, because they know that mobile e-mail marketing will also be an important way to promote. So what do mobile email marketing have to look out for?

First, mobile e-mail marketing should pay attention to the amount of mobile mail content and the limits of the terminal screen. The user of a mobile terminal has a feature that comes from the limitations of the terminal, that is, the terminal screen size is limited, which also requires that the content of mobile e-mail should be consistent with the habits of mobile users, not to push and PC end of the same amount of information, while mobile e-mail content in typesetting, font, background and other visual friendliness should be more effort, otherwise , coupled with the restrictions of mobile terminals, mobile e-mail content not only can not arouse the attention of users, and even the normal mobile end-user reading will be affected.

Second, mobile e-mail marketing should focus on the user's reading habits. Linked to our daily life and work habits, mobile email opening rates peaked early in the morning, late in the evening and late at night, because users have the highest probability of using a mobile phone in these several points in time. At the same time, the email on the mobile terminal is also focused on two three hours after the email is sent, and then the opening rate will quickly drop. e-mail participants through mobile terminals may also be significantly more in the first one hours, which means that as planners of mobile e-mail, they need to be aware of the user's habits and set the best time to send emails for these specific user practices. If the time is right and the number of mobile end users is large, the point at which users in a centralized point of time will focus on the content of the message may exceed the predicted effect.

In addition, mobile e-mail mobile marketing is an important factor in marketing content to have a bright spot. Whether it's doing other electronic marketing or mobile email marketing, we should pay attention to what the mail receiver does when they open the email, not just whether they read and click on the links in the email, especially on smartphones, where email functions are only an auxiliary function, If there is no bright spot in the mail ads to attract customers, users will not pay attention to mobile mail next time. For example, an e-mail marketing advertisement issued by a retail business enterprise, once the information sent by the enterprise to the user is opened, no matter what device is opened, the probability of being repeatedly opened is almost Nil. Therefore, to do mobile e-mail marketing, not only to take advantage of users in the mobile phone to read messages on the habit of the advantage, but also pay attention to the user read the mobile end of the mail will be pushed to read it again. At the mobile end, the email planners and designers should work harder to create a compelling headline and push it to the right customer, otherwise the sales opportunities that have been sent to the mobile end users will be missed. In the simplest words is to move e-mail to highlight the highlights and advantages.

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