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Seeing a group of 94 95-year-old kids, the company now has several interns. Naturally will think of oneself 3 years ago, internship in Beijing past. The education and influence at that time was immense, with the same idea of inheriting the good side to the young, I naturally hope that I can also have high enough professional quality and professional ability to do something for the future of the younger generation, think about the interest of interns on the Internet, this time I will talk about the job.

First from the Internet to operate this position to talk about. Product operation, usually divided into user operations, content operations, marketing, business development, good operations departments will be based on the characteristics of different roles to match.

User operations: You can understand that the user operation is that you need to improve user activity and introduce new users through a series of tasks. Specific cases, such as where to travel to do a continuous n-day photo to give gifts (improve existing user participation @ to attract new users to join), where to go wireless did the new registered users draw the phone (to attract new users to join), of course, operating costs. If the maximum access to user activity and new users under limited cost is to assess an operational experience. To be honest, I think this is the hardest part of running a job. The choice of gifts, the way, copywriting, are the test of the brain.

Content operations: Content operations that we are more crazy than loyal fan users to add interesting and valuable content to our products. A similar case has the Ctrip Cruise project recruited a special content operators regularly use micro-blog micro-Letter Personal blog website Topic copywriting and other promotional cruise to attract people's interest. This kind of operation focuses on creating content that requires true love for one area. For example, you are true love to the hotel, you are true to the cruise.

Market sales: This kind of work needs a stronger line on the negotiating ability, cooperation and keen ability. The general time is to contact all kinds of social resources to do everything to the product itself beneficial work. For example, under the line of the publicity, a harsh of the launch, and magazine cooperation to do the introduction ... And can provide cooperation can be required for a variety of material materials. To be honest, market sales generally have good social relationships, and many times they can exchange for resources instead of talking about money in a single way. In addition, the marketing will also be responsible for the external publicity of the budget plan.

Business extension: This kind of work is called BD, is also the rise of the post in recent years. It is generally associated with enterprise-level cooperation. And marketing is not the same (marketing is related to the product industry) for example, where to go to say, the market may be in cooperation with the hotel to supplement the hotel reservation content, and BD to do is and HTC Samsung cooperation, the purpose is to more installation. This type of occupation generally requires a tall force, any cooperation is more important.

It seems to me that this is the case, but a lot of companies aren't that thin.

The following talk about the division of labor, the operation of the product in Shenzhen, Beijing, a lot of these years. If I can I hope that more operations in a certain operating experience after the transfer of products. General product departments are probably divided into such positions: Product manager PM Interactive Designer UE visual designer UI

Product Manager pm: The types of jobs that have been taken seriously over the years are mainly the job of a lot of great people. He may laugh at himself by saying that he is the product of Wang. Product managers are divided into foreground and background classes, and some also according to functional division, such as order system PM, Commodity Library system PM and so on. Front desk PM main tube For ordinary users see that part of the product that part of everything (including display structure display way content organization logical organization entrance flow) background pm main tube Backstage each data state switch rule, data source, business how concatenation, how to decompose function and so on. Of course, if you follow the module, then a PM will be responsible for the completion of all the front and back parts of a module. PM to do part of the requirements of the demand analysis requirements document writing requirements prototyping and other work, and follow the entire development process to the programmer to answer questions, participate in testing to complete the product from scratch complete concern. is a demanding job.

Interaction Designer: Many companies are interactive to the product manager pm, interactive do is the logical collation of each page, associated user operations. To give users from the use of good to the use of the excessive love. For example, focus on a page, such as registration page, how to simplify user clicks to attract users to participate. At present, the user experience is highly valued and there are not many companies offering specialized positions. Interested friends can Baidu under UED can see a lot of company user Experience Department of related research.

Visual designer: It is commonly known as the UI, and frankly, many companies are also designing interactions for the UI. This reduces the workload of the PM and fosters the overall consideration of the UI. What the UI does is to design all the details of the interface. Includes pixel design style color time processing. This kind of work is a highly technical content of the job, at present the trend of polarization in the country.

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