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Hello, everyone. Through the last written about the experience of the 06 07 years of two articles,< earn 20,000 yuan to let me join the ranks of the webmaster > < earn 20,000 Yuan to let me join the ranks of the webmaster (ii), I write again in 08 to do a software download site some experience!

In 08 years, I started to do the software download site, 07 made a data download website, found that there are still profitable, before the program is Taobao purchase, I found that now there is no need to buy a new program, now there are many open source programs, the program is free to use, Need you to simply understand the HTML code can be used, this is easier for me to understand the ASP code, I analyzed, then the program open source has a new cloud, the Empire, and so on, download programs have advantages of the program, and then I chose the new Cloud program, ASP+MSSQL program, And then do a software download site, for the software to upload their own software to download the site, the content of the site to provide business or more positive, this time my content is not how to worry, is afraid to promote the problem can be strong.

At that time I know a friend in the Chinese army software work, then also have to thank the friend to give me some very good advice, about the server and so many questions are that friend's enthusiastic help answer, and I share more download website related experience.

Let me talk about the profit model of software download station

1 First web ads, we also understand that a CPC, CPM, etc., this has nothing to say, to the advertising alliance to replace the code is good, or contact other temporary ads, you can get server support for free.

2 VIP members, because some simple software, or a lot of people to compete for the market, so VIP members to give more humane service, there are some recommendations and priority permissions, we can according to this to and software merchants to negotiate.

3 software download package, put an advertising page, which can be put 8207.html "> Navigation website shortcuts, and navigation business talk about, of course, the price based on your download site IP traffic and quality decisions, this varies from person to person."

4 I found that there are 8 download sites in 10 download sites that can't find the download button. That is the link to download, many people are mistakenly downloaded, downloaded other software on the click installed, such a installation is at least 1 yuan, 1 days have 200 delayed, 100 confused installed, Then you earn 100 yuan 1 days, most download station is also like this, no way. Understand it!

5 new Cloud Download program is to support Express Advertising Alliance, Thunderbolt Advertising Alliance a very good program, their own in the background to click on the automatic settings, this money is also very easy, if your site content is more special, other sites can not download, then you set up to express the software to download, Then they have to follow the Express software to download your information, then he installed the Express software one, then you get a money, later install the Express computer, again in your site to download things, but also get the cost, that is, install a software to get five points, download 1000 times to get 40 yuan of the cost. Thunder is the same. If you download a large amount of traffic, this is a higher income, but you can calculate your own hand. At that time, a software download site also brought me 20,000 revenue a year.

Well, due to the relationship between time, temporarily write here, the next time I continue to share the experience of 08, please continue to pay attention to this article by the 391 Learning Network Webmaster original, starting A5, reproduced please retain the source, thank you for your support!

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