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A lot of webmaster in the site just on the line when the hurried to promote, but also spent a lot of money to do the promotion, but many times the flow is improved a lot, but for the shopping site, the increase in traffic may not necessarily be able to profit, shopping site is the key to the conversion rate of traffic, The main means to improve the conversion rate of the website is to enhance the user's experience! The following author will lead us to improve the online mall site user experience of this six-storey mysterious Gothic castle bar!

First Level: Website User Login Registration

User registration is the beginning of the user experience site, registration process as far as possible introduction, the general choice of 3 registration items are good, do not exceed five registration options, for the verification code to be well recognized at the same time to prevent the machine malicious registration role, verify the code is best to automatically refresh, the site must have automatic login memory function, At present, a lot of forums have done quite well!

The second layer: the design of a good product collection memory function

We sometimes find products in the online mall will spend a lot of time, think this product is very good, but did not want to buy, think a few days to see, this time if the mall has related to the collection of memory function in the second we can very quickly open! In addition, there should be a store collection function in the Member Center, Users can browse their own merchandise, browse shop classification comparison, the current Taobao shop management to do pretty good!

Third level: User experience should be considered when browsing

The page for the product is best able to open on the page, the current window open has certain advantages, will not occupy too many resources, if it is similar products can choose to open in a new window, convenient for comparison, in the Web page to open above to fully consider the user's use habits, product final page, content page generally to open in a new window, page tabs and navigation links to open in the current window!

Level Fourth: User Order confirmation information is valid

In the user order confirmation information must be selected to fill, do not let users fill out a lot of useless things, do not let the user information incomplete, resulting in the product can not be effectively and quickly sent to the hands of the user, the general requirements of the user to fill out the name, address, telephone is required, and other information can be set to fill out the choice, This will be able to appear more humane! You can go to the relevant famous shopping mall above will have such a user experience!

Layer Fifth: User order

After the user orders can not even be terminated, also have the function of order modification, and order cancellation function, of course, in the cancellation above need certain conditions, so as to ensure the user flexible orders, at the same time for shopping site operation must be very standard, but also need convenient operation!

Layer Sixth: Simple and effective function operation

Some mall users can not find their own destination page many times, many people have left the site, naturally caused such a high rate of site jump, the general user from the homepage to the destination page not more than three clicks, so the site's good navigation directory hierarchy must be concise, users can easily find, Nature can improve the efficiency of user browsing!

This is a good site user experience Six details of the problem, but also do a good job online mall Six methods, do these will effectively improve the conversion rate of the site, the profitability of the site is naturally coming! This article by the Free Network telephone original, A5 starting site: Please indicate the origin of the transfer.

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