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Social e-commerce is a new mode of electronic commerce, that is, the combination of SNS and E-commerce, this based on the user to share the content of the goods, so that users have the desire to buy or consume, making the field of E-commerce more people taste. To some extent, group buying and O2O mode can be regarded as one of the forms of social e-business.

In China's first batch of social e-commerce sites, there have been a lot of dead, such as shells (new shells have been on line), ants and so on, and the survival of the social E-commerce platform, in the past, mainly in watercress and the public comments on behalf of the network, development to now can affect a large number of user purchase behavior.

The success of the social business platform is related to the industry chain of E-commerce itself and the degree of user familiarity, in the early period of e-commerce, the user and the related industry chain are still in the initial stage, its corresponding innovation model is difficult to play its value.

It goes without saying that with the success of the public comments and watercress, such platforms will be springing up in all vertical industries. The second batch of social e-commerce sites in the outbreak of the year in 2011, to Mushroom Street, Beautiful said, Cat road network, petal nets, known as the United States network for the representative of the shopping platform for sharing. An interesting phenomenon is that such platforms are mostly related to female users, and most of the product topics are related to fashion, beauty, home. From the user distribution, it can be said that China's female network has activated the social business platform.

Social e-commerce classification

According to the specific presentation form, the current social e-commerce platform can be divided into the following four types of models

The first type is based on the common interests of the social electric business model, which is represented by Mushroom Street, Beautiful said, this model of the characteristics of the user to solve the shopping needs of goods, while the profit model is also very direct, strong profitability.

The second type is the picture adds the interest the form, takes the petal as the representative, this pattern in the foreign representative for the Pinterest, namely pin (pushpin) +interest (interest), the user may take the thing which oneself interest to use the Pushpin pin on the nail Plate (pinboard). This model is characterized by simple, interactive, high visual impact, easy to quickly gather a large number of users, but in the profit needs to have a large number of users as a support.

The third type is the form of media shopping guide, to stroll for the representative, characterized by strong media attributes, like a fashion magazine, so that users can read it fully feel the charm of the merchandise. This model is often difficult to gather a large number of users, the interaction is poor.

The fourth type is offline consumption online shopping guide form, at present in this field more outstanding has the public comment, thousand product net and so on, this kind of characteristic is the user's consumer goal is clear, the entertainment attribute is weaker, to the commodity request is higher.

Social E-commerce Profitability

For social E-commerce, the most important way to profit is the Commission model, by providing customers with orders to other E-commerce sites to achieve commission sharing. Moreover is the coupon and the split pattern, through the coupon class means to attract the user to form the offline consumption behavior, thus realizes divides into the pattern. With more and more E-commerce platform for the opening of goods, social e-commerce development opportunities will become more and more big.

On the social E-commerce, and it related to the most lively keyword is to share and personalized comments, and for a commodity, can directly affect the user's consumption behavior is from a friend or someone else's recommendation, visible Word-of-mouth on the importance of a commodity success. Looking to the future, social electric business to obtain a breakthrough development, personalized product Reviews services and referral services will become a new trend, such as the beauty of the form of social group purchase.

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