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How to choose the website domain name

The domain name is the website "The Address" information, from the website Operation Fundamental, its most important function is lets the visitor be easy to remember, facilitates the visit, in addition needs with own brand connection, therefore chooses a good domain name often is the commercial website before launches the most important content. Over the years, I have experienced a lot of Web projects, without exception by the choice of domain names tangled for a long time, more in the project near the line before the decision of the domain name. This is not surprising, because most of the time in the creative phase of the project, although there is a viable Chinese name, but once the query found that basically double spell, abbreviation, English abbreviation and other domain names have been registered, and most of the "rice farmers" in hand, for the start-up funds are not sufficient for the project, spend tens of thousands of yuan to buy a matching domain name, It is difficult to persuade the project team and investors, even if the budget is sufficient to meet the premise of the domain name in this matter, can be described as "tune." This article will revolve around the confusion about Domain name choice, and talk about the most important and easily neglected domain name problem in Internet operation.

Business website domain name How to choose is memory or search

First of all, the project team must face up to the problem is "what is the user's route?", now most of the internet companies are fighting for user access, we will be a site for the entrance by the antecedents of two categories: search engines, direct input URL, the general definition of marketing as "advertising."

Take a look at a few cases. Jingdong Mall, the domain name of 360buy, I do not know why old Liu used this to be the main domain name, most consumers can hardly understand the number 360 plus English purchase buy combination is what meaning, jingdong in recent years gradually increase the investment in social advertising, although let everyone remember "Jingdong" this brand, But do not know where the entrance, this is the Internet and physical commercial advertising the biggest difference, do not think all consumers are positive, advertising in the brand after conveying the most important to let them know where the entrance. Eventually led to a large number of traffic contributed to the search engine (Baidu), but also faced by competitors to buy keywords, search engine coercion or other channels into the risk of rising costs, the only problem is that the user can not remember your domain name.

Another electric business giant fan, founder of the company was proud to introduce to the industry personnel about the brand meaning of van+c+l, but the consumer in addition to be able to remember the full spell Add. com, there is still only search engine this entrance. Jingdong in 2011 has its full domain name revenue and to jump to the main domain name, but still do not see where the customer has this initiative. In See fashion brand Dream Bazaar the main domain name "Moonbasa", this is more pushy, moon represent meaning? I'm afraid the Dream bazaar visitors, Baidu weight is the highest of the above three. Therefore, in the early days of Phoenix satellite TV's Phoenix will be the main domain PHOENIXTV changed to Ifeng, now look how sensible move.

Well, the above case is enough to show that the domain name not only to match the brand, but also to maximize the consideration of the user access, a good domain name is not only the symbol of the site, but also in the future of the fierce business competition to become a winning tool.

How to optimize the site domain name selection link

For commercial web sites, the first priority is that the name must not deviate from the business, so that users can hear your brand to know what the site is doing, which greatly reduces the cost of users to visit and speed up the new target users of the proportion of visitors. So before the project starts, the entire team should agree on the issue and then consider how the domain name should be chosen.

In most cases, the brand dual-spell domain name is definitely the best choice, but this requires a comprehensive consideration of whether the start-up funds of the project can be allocated a part of the acquisition for domain name, the specific proportion can be based on the project refinancing or profit expectations for comprehensive evaluation. Of course, now there are more and more websites using pinyin and special numbers to name, especially those who have symbolic figures in Chinese traditional ideas, such as the tiku8 of the domain name of the bank, the double spell of the brand body, and the auspicious number 8 at the end, which achieves the purpose of easy memory and natural registration.

From years of experience in the project operation, Chinese netizens for. com is a unique, most people have COM is the idea of the end of the site deeply reflected in the mind, so we recommend that the COM suffix as the main domain name, I was in the early days of the founder of the 3G Communication Network neglected place.

Talk about so much, in the final analysis are talking about the Internet brand construction and operating costs, the internet era of homogenization competition is unprecedented, so we should take the first step before we should have a correct and long-term planning, so that the site can be healthy and sustainable operation.

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