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It is difficult to start at the beginning, it is difficult to deal with many difficult things in the beginning. As long as in the beginning of everything straightened out, the thorny problem solved, the future process will be much smoother. The same is true of the construction station, there are many problems to be solved in the initial stage. such as domain name, the purchase of the server selection, site positioning, the establishment of profit model, how to do SEO, how to promote and so on. Webmaster only clear their own ideas, will build the station in the initial difficulties to solve, the site can be on the right track.

Now the technology to do the Web site is getting lower, the capital investment is not like the past so that the novice deterred. Many people chose the network to start a business, chose to be a webmaster, do an Internet grassroots elite. But the lowering of the threshold does not mean that everyone can become a successful webmaster. Your site wants to be big and strong and successful. There are a lot of things to do in the early stages of the construction site. stationmaster net triumphantly thinks, build station initial stage, the biggest problem that stationmaster faces is how to make trade-offs. Trade-offs include many aspects. There are: User experience and the choice between the SEO, the site content and advertising between the choice between the flow and user conversion rate between the trade-offs, focus on doing the station and the full promotion of the trade-offs between the following simple analysis of the four aspects of how to choose.

The trade-off between user experience and SEO

Now a lot of webmaster went into a misunderstanding of the SEO, that the site as long as the SEO, it is all right. Search engines are really important to the site. Without search engines, websites will lose a lot of traffic. Therefore, SEO optimization in the webmaster Circle unusually hot, from the major webmaster Portal SEO accounted for the proportion of the article is not difficult to see, now webmaster to SEO obsession. But the webmaster has not thought, is because of the excessive reliance on SEO, but spoiled the search engine, ignoring the other aspects of optimization. On the one hand, the webmaster to the importance of SEO, make search engine for webmaster more and more harsh, difficult to include, after the snapshot does not update or be K station for stationmaster is commonplace. On the other hand, it ignores the user experience because it pays too much attention to search engines.

Your site is not just for search engines. If the site only focus on SEO, and ignore the user experience, even through the search engine to attract a large number of users, but also because the site user experience poor and leave. This involves the website viscosity problem. Only pay attention to the user experience, can improve the user's viscosity to improve loyalty. Even if you rely on search engines to get a lot of traffic, there is no good user experience to do support, most can only be short-term traffic. Therefore, in the initial stage, the webmaster should first pay attention to the user experience, and then the user experience as the Center for SEO.

The trade-offs between Web content and advertising

A lot of novice webmaster station early, the site has just been included in Baidu, a little bit of traffic, they are eager to ads hanging window. As everyone knows, eager to advertise, and ignore the content of the site will often make users disgusted, or even choose to leave the site no longer visit. Users visit your site first to get what they want, and then it's possible to click on your ad. If the site content is poor, no quality, and advertising throughout the page, users will naturally be disgusted with the site. Therefore, in the initial stage of the construction site to do the content of the website first, with high-quality content to obtain a stable user base, and through advertising profits.

Trade-Off between flow rate and user conversion

The trade-off between the two is actually a further extension of the SEO and user experience trade-offs. SEO can bring more traffic to the site, a good user experience can improve the user's conversion rate. In the final analysis is the search engine to bring the flow and other promotional methods to bring the trade-off between the trade-offs. Not blindly superstitious SEO, and pay attention to other promotional methods can bring more stable user groups, and thus improve the user conversion rate. Therefore, at the beginning of the construction station, may need to SEO to bring fast and rich traffic, but can not ignore the conversion rate of users, or that sentence, to first user-centric, and then to carry out SEO, in improving the site traffic at the same time must pay attention to how much of these flows can be translated into customers.

Focus on the choice between the station and the full promotion

Some stationmaster thinks the website just on-line should spare no effort to promote. While others support the first to concentrate on the station, to be mature and stable after the site to carry out large-scale promotional activities. In fact, there are certain reasons. But at the beginning of the construction site should also make trade-offs. I think that the choice of the two should be based on the type and content of the site to be specific consideration. If it is to do content-type sites, such as information-oriented web site, we must first make the site to do all the advice to do all the authority, so as to better promote, if only a simple page, even if the promotion of greater strength, users will still be very low. If it is to do the local classification information, the local vertical portal should be in the Web site at the same time even before beginning to spare no effort to carry out the combination of line online promotion.

The above from four aspects of the initial station of the construction site should be how to choose the problem, in fact, the webmaster in the initial stage of the site will face a lot of choices, take the wrong step may be regret lifelong. So the webmaster in the face of choice, must maintain a good mentality, combined with their own situation, careful consideration, decisive choice. At the beginning of the site to lay a good foundation for the future to thrive.

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