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Many business owners have said that the site's IP too little, urging the SEO staff to traffic, but also the site's IP as the only assessment of the work of SEO personnel, this can be stumped a lot of SEO personnel, as we all know, the enterprise station due to the particularity of the industry, the site traffic has always been relatively It's unrealistic to want thousands of IPs every day, however, no matter what, as SEO personnel to do their best to improve the site's traffic, want to increase traffic, then digging long tail keyword is absolutely effective, long tail keyword competition is small, there is flow, relatively good to do ranking, The Web site traffic has accumulated over the coming. Below A5 Webmaster Network SEO Diagnostic Team ( with you simple talking about the enterprise station to effectively improve the IP site of the common methods:

FAQ platform Users focus on the key words

Question and answer platform often some users ask questions about how to deal with how to solve such, if the problems on these platforms have not been resolved, then, you have to this issue through an article in detail to give the answer, then, search engines to facilitate the user's problem can be solved, will put your site in front of, SEO do not want is the site top? Ranked by the flow of natural will be more and more, therefore, the webmaster should pay more attention to the question and answer platform users asked questions, especially Baidu know that the attention of people is very much, if you can solve the user to ask questions, Then not only can improve the site traffic can also improve the site's user experience, enhance the image of the enterprise.

Baidu dropdown box by the number of search order

A little careful webmaster friends will find that when you search for some keywords, Baidu drop-down box will automatically appear a part of users often search keywords, and these words are often the number of users to search the order, so that the webmaster friends can often think of some core keywords, And then every time the Baidu Drop-down box prompts the key words recorded, and then use the key words to continue the search, so that the key words will flow in front of you, but Baidu Drop-down box has a disadvantage, that is, each time only appear 10 valid keywords, the webmaster will spend their minds slowly collection.

Baidu Promotion Background Promotion assistant recommended keywords

Many of the enterprise station will do Baidu bidding, a little attention will find Baidu promotion backstage has a promotion assistant, each time as long as you enter a keyword, will come out to this keyword as the core of a lot of keywords, Baidu promotion assistant recommended These keywords are some more valuable, Above not only how many people search the data and the degree of competition, through this assistant we can continue to dig out the effective long tail keyword, is the enterprise station to improve the site traffic a key factor.

Baidu Related Search keywords flow

When we search for a keyword, Baidu related search below will be related to some of the keywords appear, these keywords are related to your search, the meaning of the key words, some just to the expansion of the keyword, if you click down in turn will find that each word below have a lot of relevant keyword recommendations, And every time you click on it, it expands the word, that is, long tail keywords, and these long tail keywords are users often search, if the user does not often search, these words will not appear in Baidu related search, this point you do not doubt, therefore, do a good job Baidu related search recommended keywords, Your website traffic will increase rapidly.

Using good webmaster tools and CNNZ statistics

Perhaps many stationmaster does not pay attention to the Webmaster class Long tail keyword mining tool, think this type of long tail keyword mining tools to provide the data is not accurate enough to grasp the user's search habits, in fact, in many of the long tail keyword mining tools are some of the advantages, such as: golden Long tail keyword mining tools are more useful, The above provides the number of users to search, and the degree of competition, the value is not worth doing, there will be data for reference, can help the webmaster to determine which keywords can bring traffic. In addition, the site's CNNZ statistics tools can not be ignored, this is the user search which words in the site's most direct reference data, users search once, then there may be a second search, therefore, the webmaster must do a good job in this aspect of the long tail keyword optimization.

The above is A5 Webmaster Network SEO Diagnostic team to share with you the enterprise station effectively improve the site IP common methods, perhaps you will feel the above points you have already known, no value, but still hope can help some novice webmaster friends, hope can give them to take a little reference. Reprint please indicate the source

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