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Web site is now a dime a lot, many people put the Web site said nothing, as if the site does not exist at all necessary, I think the site is really too much, but the site also has its value. After all, now a lot of internet, or preliminary contact with the Internet, the use of Baidu and other search engines have difficulties, web site can help them.

But the internet does not need how many site sites? So how to stand out among the many competing websites? Maybe the following ideas can give you a hint.

The first is to let the Web site included in the website to bring you traffic. We are now a lot of Web sites are included in a number of stations or people know that the station, in fact, this is not necessary, these sites will never do links, if we give up these stations, but has been included in the site to bring you the traffic as it in your site position measurement standards. such as the collection of our Webmaster blog, if we bring you more traffic, you put us in the more prominent position, so that everyone can be mutually beneficial, so that you can stimulate the inclusion of the site to bring you more traffic, of course, these traffic may not be true, but can definitely let you stand out in a short time.

Second, the Web site should not be independent, and some entities should cooperate with the site, so as to attract more attention, such as a flash site, you can and some flash site cooperation. Computer Web site, you can work with computer-type Web sites.

Third, the Web site now only some of the site name plus links, this is not enough, can not let visitors better understand this site, should have an objective introduction. such as a certain site that column to do well, that column more features, included should also be included in the content of complementary sites.

Four, about the site's profit point, in fact, I have considered for a long time, so far no more clear ideas. Hao123 1 million of the monthly income is now not possible, because they started early, many people know 263, they see, in fact, they more income is the former advertising league. I say, we can explore, the Web site bigger, the most competitive is the flow, traffic is a measure of the success of the Web site standards, so you can do some with the flow of profit-related methods.

Finally, I hope everyone less impetuous, more sensible, in the Internet to find their own position.

How exactly does the website make money?

Now often have stationmaster ask, what website earns money? In fact, can say what website has the possibility of making money. Let me just say what I think:

First of all, what is your profit? Now the profit model is common: advertising, membership registration fee, SMS, join the alliance and so on.

I'll talk about advertising first. The internet as an important media, advertising of course, but want to do advertising must have skills, advertising as a means of corporate marketing, the ultimate goal is to make it possible to buy the product (or service) to remember their products (or services), here is a target customer group problem, So we do site also need to consider your target audience where? Only in this way will someone be willing to advertise on your website. For example: Webmaster station, because the target audience is webmaster, then host, domain name provider is the main advertisers. Pacific, Tenkine and other major target audiences are computer enthusiasts, then computer manufacturers are their main advertisers. Why is it that so many websites are very dependent, but there is less advertising? The main reason is that the target audience is not clear, such as 9Flash (the person in charge has communicated with me) their advertisers relatively less, of course, they can also have other ways of profit.

Member registration fee, here includes the game point card or Recharge card form. Member Registration fee It is the Internet's unique way of profit, but also relatively stable, the most profitable way of profit, such as Shanda, Alibaba, Tencent, nine, Sogua, etc., are mainly used in this form. Also include Baidu, Google's bidding rankings. But now there are challenges, such as the challenge of Shanda, who is willing to have something free.

SMS is the main revenue of the portal site, but with the consumer's freshness to the SMS and the regulation of the telecom, the SMS income is also gradually decreasing.

Finally said to join the alliance, as the main income form of hao123, is used by many personal websites, now regardless of whether there is no access, there is no content, the first is to join a number of alliances, many Web sites in addition to the league ads on the content, it is no wonder that even Tom, Sohu such a Ebay's affiliate ads are all over the place, but I don't think affiliate ads are going to give you much revenue, just imagine if you as a visitor would go into these affiliate ads? Some people would ask, that HAO123 why have so much income, this is because hao123 set up early, has been set up for more than 5 years, In the previous few years this kind of alliance advertisement is few, many visitors are through these advertisements to know ebay, 265 and so on the website, namely then hao123 than these sites more famous, but now who does not know ebay, 265?

To sum up, I personally think that if you are a personal site, if you have unique resources, other people can not replicate the resources, free from the impact of resources, it is best to register fees as the main form of profit, if you have a specific target audience, it is recommended to advertising as the main form of profit.

Of course, it's best to have a unique way of earning money, such as mobile phone site, you can and mobile phone dealers, in the city after listing the recommended location information, flash site or flash can be advertised or produced in the form of flash, such as the current online "Ka Ka and chatter" is the enterprise publicity flash.

Rational thinking on the development of personal website

Now the personal site like rain after the bamboo constantly popping up, of course, there are many famous station, good station, of course, it is these famous stations, good station to countless later with confidence and support. But I personally feel that the development of personal web site has been a lot of people think about the place, some even the so-called large stations of the bad habits.

1, online things, moving around.

Now a lot of online information on you copy me, I copy you, we copied together, their original things fewer and less. Plagiarism page, plagiarism business model, plagiarism site content, and even the same domain name. I think the content of personal website not necessarily much, but must have its own value, there is not the same thing as others.

2, the content can reproduce, the popularity cannot duplicate.

Now many personal websites see other people's website development Good, oneself also do the same content website, and the result is opposite. Hao123 is only one of the lucky ones in the development of the Internet, China's Internet will not appear the second Hao123.

3, do not pay attention to the construction of the brand.

Brand as a sign of the development of the website, should be valued by everyone. What is a brand, in short, what kind of information that name will bring to you. For example, when it comes to Sogua, everyone will get the information is the search song, a talk about moving the net will get the information is the forum.

How to put a station without traffic to do 5000 IP

I hope you can see that this approach is definitely working, and it does have effect, and now there are outdated brothers test success. No more nonsense, get to the point.

How to put a station without flow to do 5000 IP, in fact, is very simple, the key is that you have no brain to think. I want to write out, if you are interested to do, then I said to do it, basically can achieve 5000 IP, if you achieve, I do not have any requirements, interested in supporting my alliance, no interest.

1, first your station is ready, immediately to apply for text chain, text chain application 1, at least 100 IP, apply for 50, then is 5000IP, this simple, as long as you do it, this is a text chain of loopholes, and the more new chain effect is better, specific how, This everyone to experience to know, some people will ask, how can put so much, oh, a chain put a line, 10 chain is only 10 lines, you find a few places, plug on it. This method to get up is 5000IP, you feel tired, you can not do, you have to have a certain

2, the list, such a thing now still, but, this should pay attention to skills, the list has updated time, you have to grasp that time, when you give him a pop-up for a while, one day you are in the first place, then you earn a lot of money back, the list must get the top 5, otherwise the significance is not big, You don't know what the list is, I said, for example, the ranking table 12:00 Update, 15-minute update, then you in the 11:45 points, you put all of your stations pop up to him, bouncing to his data refresh, then you go up, and so your stability in the first 5, you can stop pop-up, He will give you constant delivery flow, the best 1th name slightly, oh, this method, grasp good can get 50,000 IP, grasp General 5000IP is definitely not a problem. Use the text chain to get IP to upgrade this IP, the original traffic is more difficult to earn, but still have to earn, see you will not slightly.

3, Baidu Bar, this said many times, paste post has the skill, first cannot send the advertisement, sends the address certainly is wrong, you may send the picture address, actually is also a connection address, only then changes the HTML to GIF, this can deceive some people, and must write and the net name mingle, Then it can be, stick not hair, get their own trace, and the content can not be the same, iron and steel are different, Baidu batch delete, oh, there is no way, get a delete, and so you sent 100 bar, 100 content is different, 3 days later to see, which also retained, later on often to hair, which did not, The next is not come, so do, 5000 IP is definitely not a problem, the main is to grasp the size, this also skills oh, ask me to forgive, I can absolutely guarantee that you can earn 5000 IP


5. Message Book

6. Other

After 3 people basically said, I will not mention, the front of the 3 can definitely let you a no flow of the station up to 5000IP, it depends on you believe it.

Tips for improving PR value

1, the significance of PR value: The PR value is the basis of Google search rankings, that is, in the same keyword search results, the higher the PR value of the site, will be ranked in the front.

2, improve the PR value of the specific methods:

(1) Message book, you can search in Google "message" and other keywords, the search out of the message thin generally have PR value, and the line in front of the message thin PR value is still high, otherwise it will not be in front, so you can in these message thin message. It is best to display a message with a link, so Google will think that the PR page has been linked to your site.

(2) is the exchange of links, although troublesome but very practical!

3, the PR value of the site Google General January update. Qingcheng Convenient Network

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