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Discuss some questions with a friend who is about to launch an SEO service:

Q: You have done the first party, to XX network for example, I go to your company, want to provide you with SEO services, how can I say, you will allow me to provide you with SEO services? What is the service mode of this service?

A: For different enterprises, the pursuit of SEO is not the same. Here, I simply divided the enterprise into three types, these three types of enterprises have different needs for SEO. A kind of traditional small and medium-sized enterprises, they have their own products, have their own offline channels, they are unfamiliar with the network channels, but already have this awareness, but also began to gradually establish their own network channels, such enterprises for the rankings, especially "product ranking" is more important, because they are small enterprises, Their brand influence is relatively low, in their view, search engines on a certain type of products, their website can be ranked in the forefront, which is a affirmation of their products, can be with consumers, agents in the name of a "symbol of corporate strength", in fact, the equivalent of search engines for their products to do endorsement, So for this kind of enterprise, do their main product keyword ranking is very important, is also able to impress them to accept the important selling point of SEO services.

Another type of enterprise is based on the Internet enterprises, such as a variety of business-to-business C site, a wide range of information portals and a variety of Internet services to provide Web sites, I gave them a distinction can be divided into the characteristics of such enterprises, that the core assets of these enterprises is their website. For this type of site, traffic is their greatest desire, they seek SEO services, but also in order to be able to upgrade their website traffic a grade. For this type of Web site, simple to provide a few keyword ranking is no effect, only to their existing site to transform, so that the structure of the site in line with the search engine specifications, so that the site content generation to cast search engine, so that the overall weight of the site can be upgraded, the whole station optimization is the focus of such sites.

There is another type of enterprise, is to use the Internet channel to sell products under the "channel-type Company", such as the current more fiery web site, Putian, Guangdong, imitation of the foreign trade companies or even through the affiliate of CJ and other joint marketing to earn commissions of individuals, the core of such enterprises is, through a variety of promotional methods to obtain orders to obtain profits. This type of enterprise is very familiar with the network marketing, a variety of network marketing means, such as cpc/cpa/cpl/affiliate marketing, they are usually search engine auction ads loyal customers, SEO for them, is an expensive CPC beneficial supplement, good words can even become a substitute for CPC, For such enterprises, they are more concerned about the results of the sales of SEO, they are more concerned about the conversion rate of traffic, for such enterprises to provide SEO services, in addition to providing traffic sources, but also should pay more attention to the UE interface, landing page settings.

For the SEO service company, these three types of enterprises, its service difficulty is from small to large increase, service time from short to long in turn incremental, the target company's involvement degree is also from shallow to deep increase.

As for the service model, according to the division of these three types of enterprises, we can also according to different types of companies to provide different options: for the first category of companies, you can agree to complete the target keyword in a specific period of time the number of keywords for the contract conditions; for the second type of company, it can be used as a contract The record is not open SEO services before the flow and other SEO data, at the end of the service period, before and after the flow of comparison to measure the effect of SEO; for the third category of companies, can refer to the forest think I proposed GMS (Gross Merchant sales) that according to "sales growth" to obtain a proportion of

Q: In the enterprise to do Seoer, and in the SEO service company to do Seoer, what is the difference?

A: Overall, there are several differences between the seoer in the enterprise and the seoer of the service company:

One is the control of the site. Enterprises in the seoer of the site has a high degree of control over the site can be a greater level of transformation, at the same time can be based on the site in search engine performance quickly adjust the structure of the site, and the service company's seoer there is no way to directly operate the site, only through the provision of programs, Monitoring each other's technical staff to modify the process, and other forms of operation, which requires the service company's seoer need to write a very detailed optimization scheme, at the same time for each modification node to have a very clear standard of compliance.

Second, communicate with the work partner. Enterprises in the Seoer and work partners are colleagues, in the communication should be more smooth, in the implementation of the project, there are any questions, what objections can be more easily through various ways to achieve consensus; service Company's Seoer and the service company in the communication process will be more lengthy, This requires seoer in with the service company's work partner communication, the request must be meticulous, the goal must be clear, the power and responsibility to be trenchant, has the necessity to retain the written trace in the communication, clear both powers and responsibilities.

The third is the exploitation and utilization of resources. Enterprise's Seoer team is small, seoer in the off page's operation, more is the ordinary work lies in the implementation of the various resources, the service company's Seoer team is larger, the division of labor is also more meticulous, the seoer work should be implemented in the resources development, Emphasis on the rational use of various resources, while focusing on the accumulation of various resources for other projects to provide support.

Four is the difference of operation strategy. Enterprises in the Seoer because the operation is their own website, SEO should always accompany the site to operate always, so most will adopt a white hat, emphasizing the cumulative weight of the site's overall promotion; service Company's seoer due to the contract and service limit, in order to pursue the limitation, May take some fast the grey hat technique, this also to the latter to each kind of operation technique control to put forward the higher request.

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