Talking about the experience of space purchase in the process of building a station

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Today followed the last article on the funny and bizarre pain of the construction of the station process (i) write. Today to talk about the purchase of space, I was a novice just started to buy space when all cheap.

I remember the first time I bought space is to buy the garbage space. First time covet cheap, remember that time the price of space is 30 yuan as if it is 1G space. Because I am a novice also do not know where the site space for the importance of the site, at that time also want to use a free. It's better not to use free and rubbish space. I didn't know where to look for a better space just now. Million Nets have a feeling too expensive. Letter good I will also use Baidu. At that time in Baidu to find a few virtual host rating network (want to come to my site to contact me qq350032389) later found in there can be a space. Now is the space also has the domain name also to have. The third problem has finally been solved.

Now there is space. The next step is to put our website program into space. The first time I use space, I will upload the site to space. When I first bought it, I thought I could make it myself. 30 can buy space 60 yuan can do a website. Heart is also very high heart later found to be garbage space upload a 5M not to the program incredibly to 8 hours, plus their speed has a slow, their dizzy half a day immediately regret. I cursed the space merchant, and then I couldn't. can only be used. But I also thanked him; how can I know that there are so many crooks and space merchants on the Internet? Finally, 8 hours have passed. The program is finished uploading. Guess what's going on at this time. My website program can't install. I've been wondering for 3 days. It is also not unexpected that a novice in the construction station when there are so many problems. Hey: don't mention it. Continue to mourn for 3 days. In the next 3 days I almost put Baidu search rotten. Found the virtual host evaluation network, but also acid can.

I chose the north-South interconnection for the second time. Basically OK. Later, the program was passed up and installed. The space trader gave a level three domain name. At the beginning of the time do not know why my domain binding is empty or can not use the domain name to open the site. Then I got angry and asked the space trader. This is why, they say your domain name did not resolve, this time finally found is a pig, ah even the domain name needs to resolve do not know. Later did a half-day or call the space business to help me resolve. I can finally use to visit his own Kiki Movie Network. Psychological side is also very high heart. I actually built the website. I sent the website to my classmates and friends to see. They also say it's good to keep working hard. I am very happy in my heart. Ha ha. Am I a genius? After a few days of calm. Suddenly one morning I get up how the website can't open.

I went out of my way to find a space trader to go to theory. Later learned that in China's web site needs to record, out of the space you do not use China. Or you have to file or you use your own machine to do the host. The space trader wants me to file. Later, I was busy and finally filed. I am a 100% novice hope veteran door spit me out. I'm not a success if you don't spray me. haha). The space trader told me that you should treat the record seriously. In the record time I try to update their website every day, so more than 10 days passed. The record information was called back. Failed. This time I like to fall into the abyss. Have struggled in pain. It seems my website will not see the sun tomorrow. Then the fourth question came out and filed. So in my mind like monks chanting the same as the first of these two words ' record ... '. I have to file. I can't afford to file.

There's no way out of this. The first problem is to solve the problem. There is no problem that cannot be solved in the world. Then I knew:

Record notes: BBS forum or Community class website, blogs, pharmaceutical sites, adult products such as Web sites, film and video types of sites, dating sites, game sites, training sites, the need for pre-approval special record (is to go to the local Communications bureau for Quality Records, strict conditions are high, individual difficult to pass)

When I was in space to give me a record of the tutorial inside see these words when. I'm trying to get a kick out of God. Why would God do that? Write it here today and continue tomorrow. (Advertising: Station now Baidu included 10.) Want to do the same kind of friendship connection, or navigation class, if your site PR2, PR3 and I do friendship connection, you help me, I write the third article will have your website address, if I think I write something bad, also do not add me. )

Best wishes to you webmaster happy heart.

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