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I believe that webmaster have published a lot of soft wen, there are a lot of good articles have been reproduced, I believe this is the results of the webmaster, the reason everyone knows, I will not repeat the ... But if your article has not only been reproduced, but also by people changed more "exquisite", more "good-looking." For example, change the link you left to his, and change some information about your website to the information about his website. What would you think??? I believe that we have all met this kind of thing, of course, I am no exception, on July 17 I published a "use of high weight blog to promote your website" soft wen to Admin5 and my website. 18th morning I used Google search for a while, found that there have been sites reproduced, I was very happy, I looked at those sites.

But when I saw several websites reprinted my article, suddenly furious, he changed my link to his. Other content did not move, I now finally feel, why stationmaster all so hated these people ... We webmaster write an article, less 2 hours, and some even spend an all-night effort to complete, of which the hard work in addition to their own who can understand the??? But they just take a minute to change the link and copy it. I made a big mistake myself. I also published it on ADMIM5 and my website. My site is open, "Baidu" "Google" snapshots are only a few days to update, the weight is very low. The result is conceivable, hair on the ADMIM5 is included soon, but my site to a few days have no movement, I was searching this article, my site ranked very low, but the copy and change my link is ranked in the top 6. I thoroughly speechless, after this lesson, I finally came up with an experience, that is, "before the release of Soft Wen, must be published in their own website, when included, and then consider published in the Admin5." Only then will your site appear on the first page when someone searches for an article. Said so much is to tell you webmaster in the article before the effective measures, will your loss to a minimum. Don't come out like me again. Finally, I would like to say that the webmaster encountered a good article to reprint, we must take that person's link, which is the most basic respect for people. If I have a place to offend some people, I apologize here. After all, it's not easy. Reproduced in this article from, please keep the source, thank you.

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