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With the development of the Internet, online information publishing has gradually become a hot spot for netizens. As the carrier of information on the Internet: Information Web sites, also springing up general development. It seems to be a popular thing to send information on the internet every day, with countless information about the same city, supply and demand information, Job vacancies are posted on various information websites. However, the operation of the information website has many experiences, which need to be mastered to develop better. The author has good Luck free Information network operation practice, summed up some information website operation experience to share with you.

1, Information release content filtering

Although the Good Luck information website wants everybody to publish each kind of information, however, illegal information is not welcome to the free release. This requires the management of the release content, filtering. 24-hour supervision is certainly not realistic, to take the necessary technical measures, the restriction elements in the form, so that the system can automatically filter out illegal words and characters.

2, information publishing topics prohibit illegal characters and spaces

In the User submit publishing page, the necessary restrictions on the subject, such as: no spaces, no characters, no illegal words, and so on. It is necessary to prohibit spaces in information topics, because many spaces with a theme, although displayed as an entire sentence, actually have spaces, The background cannot find it for deletion. Especially in some illegal information, the words with space can escape the mask list and appear.

3, the same city information website database optimization

Because information sites tend to have large amounts of data, they are not suitable for access databases. It is best to use an SQL database. If you use an Access database, be sure to pay attention to the optimization of the database and regular cleanup. Delete some unwanted stale information. In addition, a regular backup of the database can be recovered immediately in case of a database error.

4, to find ways to prohibit the external mass-type submission of the release

Some mass software regardless of 3,721, to take a strong irrigation method, in a certain category, crazy release. This strong irrigation method will increase the volume of data. The result is that the entire site becomes abnormal and the page is slow to open. In particular, Access databases can fail due to data saturation. Therefore, we must find ways to solve the external mass-type release.

5, when necessary, prohibit the image upload function

A lot of information sites have picture features, however, if the image upload function by mass information users, crazy large-scale image upload, the consequence is to directly increase the space storage capacity, so that the Web site quickly saturated and collapse. This is a serious problem. If you have no way to prohibit the mass-posting of the outside, It is necessary to remove the image upload function.

In a word, the operation of the same city information needs to master very useful experience in order to less detours. To seriously summarize all kinds of possible problems, find solutions, is the city's information site healthy development of a strong guarantee.

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