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hao123 Web site navigation, should be one of the most well-known web site, most of the new Internet users to find a Web site, will be through the hao123 to find. The industry or personal webmaster, may not often use hao123, but also will be concerned about the next. For example, I used to look for excellent web site to talk about cooperation, will be through the classification of hao123 to find, the subconscious will feel that the site is hao123 included in the difference is a bit. Today will suddenly write this article, in fact, there is a big reason, but I do not say it now, you will read this blog naturally know. Now through their previous contact hao123 some of the experience, said that the hao123 included some of the significance, and hao123 to the industry some role.

One: Be hao123 included, there is flow

Remember the year before, through a number of channels to learn that hao123 every day there are thousands of wuv, that is, every day thousands of of users through hao123 to visit other sites. Hao123 every day such a high amount of visits, the nature of the site to be included in the user volume is also very considerable. I have a webmaster friend of the novel site was included in the hao123 novel classification of the inside page, we guess how much traffic per day? It was 09, I told my friends the data, said that although it is an internal page, but every day to get 20W of user access, a very alarming data. Now my friend's website has been hao123 recommended to the home page, the traffic must be more huge every day.

At the same time included in the hao123 film, video and other classified pages of the site, at least can get several WIP per day, high 10W or more. In 07, through a number of hao123 included in the small film website to understand the data, because at that time and these sites have a flow of exchange cooperation, so have a general understanding. At that time hao123 film classification of many small film sites, but now basically do not see these small movie site figure, may be due to copyright reasons, hao123 have given up the collection.

Besides, the traffic situation of the industry website is included in the Hao123 page. Remember is 07, I live together a roommate, is also 1 stationmaster. He was a military-type industry website, there has been hao123 included in the page, at that time to get thousands of from the hao123 per day on the IP, although there is no entertainment class site so high, but an industry-class site, can bring such a high number of visits, has been able to produce a lot of value.

Through these data found, generally as long as the site is purely entertaining nature, if can be hao123 included, even in the page, can also get a lot of traffic. If it is an industry site, there may not be entertainment nature of the site to obtain high traffic, but thousands of IP is still possible. Do not have to do other promotion, light through the flow of hao123 over, you can feed the family. I used to fantasy, if I have a website, can be hao123 included, a few WIP a day, you can do nothing every day, easy to earn advertising fees:

It's not easy to be included in hao123

Hao123 the standard of the new website is very strict, this is the industry consensus. Many sites are proud to be included in the hao123. Many new stations want to spend money in the hao123 included, are not necessarily successful, you still need to queue. I have a good friend in 09 to do a game site, just began to promote everywhere, then want to spend money can be hao123 game classified pages included. Perhaps because the game classification competition is too intense, there are too many excellent sites want to occupy a place, and hao123 also think my friend's game site is relatively new, so at that time not to be included in the money.

But my friend's game site did a good job because it was a team operation. Now looking back is very interesting, at that time hao123 not to be included, and some time ago my friend's game website has been Baidu Strategic investment, and Hao123 is a family. Believe that is now included must be very logical things, but also have a good position recommended.

I believe there are many friends, have tried to hao123 send a collection request mail, most of them have gone down the drain. It is really not easy to be included in the hao123. Many people want to spend money can not find hao123 counterparts, because I worked in Baidu for some time, many side webmaster friends asked me to hao123 sales contact.

Find websites to collaborate and collect data through hao123

Since 06 to do website promotion cooperation began, I am accustomed to looking for outstanding class website in hao123. Because I talk about the cooperation of the object, all need to have a certain flow of the basis, feel to find a hao123 included in the site cooperation, at least from the hao123 to get a part of the flow, not too bad.

What impressed me most was the cooperation between the 07 and the West Army, which I had always wondered why there was not much traffic on the other channels in the West. And hanging in the Silu Military home page BD bit, but can come over a lot of traffic, and the user quality is very high conversion rate is good. Later I noticed, the original West army has been hao123 included in the homepage recommended. There is hao123 this innate flow import mouth, the West Army is not lack of popularity.

We all know that I like to do data collection and analysis, generally in the collection of excellent websites in a certain industry, I will first through the Hao123 collection. Because hao123 included standard high, can help me first to filter out a large part I want to collect the quality of the site. For example, one of my previous posts, "Daily posting 3000 of the popular local community data sharing," the popular forum is through the HAO123 Local Forum classification for collection.

Be hao123 included, there are brands

In turn, the site, which is hao123 included, is also more likely to be the concern of the industry. Many people in the industry and I have the same mentality, like in hao123 to find a website to cooperate or collect data. In particular, some just set up the navigation station, initially included in the site, are mainly reference hao123 included in the content of the site, directly copied over. Thus is hao123 the website which collects, can obtain more industry personage's attention, the website brand exposes the opportunity also to be more.

Even if not from the hao123 to obtain large flow, can be hao123 included, there is this brand exposure, has been very valuable. From doing personal webmaster contact hao123 began. I have always had a wish, I hope that one day I do the site, can also be hao123 recognized by the hao123 included.

In the last week to see 28 push the Forum traffic statistics, suddenly found from hao123 over a lot of visits, at that time a little nervous, difficult to hao123 included 28 push. After looking for the path in the past, found hao123 in the Category 2 catalogue industry included 28 push forum. Http://

Figure: 28 Push Forum is hao123 included in the industry classification


Probably because Hao123 does not have the individual Stationmaster website classification, therefore 28 pushes the forum to be placed in the industry classification the IT inside. I observed, the Webmaster class site, in addition to the familiar with the laggards and Chinese webmaster Station, and then is 28 to push the forum.

Site can be hao123 included, for me is a great encouragement, let me more confident to adhere to the 28 forum to do a better job for webmaster friends to create more convenience and value. At the same time also wish more friends of the website can be hao123 included:


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