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The development of SEO is increasingly mature, many webmaster are already familiar with the basic SEO knowledge. In the forum, see some webmaster said the use of SEO to create a brand of posts, aroused my great interest in fact, this idea I have always been in favor of, has been in use. Therefore, for the use of SEO to build their own brand, I also naturally have something to say. I think to do this thing well need to do three things to the extreme, otherwise, brand building will be subject to a certain amount of resistance, the below to be elaborated separately.

Extreme one: Vertical areas to be thoroughly

Now the internet has many opportunities, but these opportunities have been too many people fancy, leaving us with only a huge competition. Therefore, in the gap want to stand out must have a certain strategy, especially the human and resources are limited personal webmaster. I think the best way to do this is to make the vertical area complete. For example, if you are a special snack site, then it is best to do the ultimate snack, deep excavation, do not eat and drink all involved, these different aspects of the seemingly related, but absolutely can not be taken into account. If you take all that into account, you will share your energy, and in the end, you may not be able to grasp it. Now the consumption of Internet users has become more and more rational, so we want to establish their own advantages and competitive barriers must go to the road of specialization, this road is endless, there are too many things worthy of our thinking about.

Acme Two: Keyword ranking to be stable

If you want to use SEO to build your own brand, another key aspect of the thing is the keyword ranking. At least your core keywords should have a very stable ranking, and this ranking is best to keep the top three for a long time. In this way, search this part of the keywords will be familiar with our website, search engine is our best advertising platform. We want to deeply understand this point can open Baidu, search SEO this keyword, and then see how Seowhy brand is established, how to deeply rooted. He used the most commonly used a method to achieve their goals, he has SEO this keyword to achieve the ultimate, many people will actively word-of-mouth spread it. If we want to be famous in our own industry, then please make good use of SEO, make good use of search engines, this will be a necessary way, but also an excellent opportunity. SEO is a sunrise industry, in the brand, the need to do the key words through, so that users in mind.

Acme Three: Soft text area to spread

After having experienced vertical selection and keyword ranking stability, it seems that a part of branding has been completed. But if you want to really build a brand, the road to go is very far, but also very much. Here in the last point, I recommend to you is the soft text promotion. Soft text promotion is a sharp weapon, is used by many stationmaster, and has brought the real benefit. The advantages of soft text here is not to repeat, his core is low-cost, widely spread. A soft article if there are three to 500 people see the words, 1000 soft wen adhere to what kind of effect? The answer must be astonishing. Although there is a part of it repeated, but this number is still huge. Soft writing is not difficult, it is difficult to adhere to, difficult is the use of soft wen consistent to create a website brand, this process is not only the use of skills, more important sweat and efforts. If our website can be found in many corners of the internet, it can be said that the penetration of the brand has been imperceptible. Therefore, to build a brand, soft wen is absolutely essential factors.

The use of SEO on the Internet, there are many examples of success, in addition to the above mentioned by SEO, there are some people may be familiar with the method, such as event marketing, topic hype, QQ Group promotion, mail marketing, also includes a lot of webmaster familiar with the question and answer system, Wei guest platform can be used Maybe each industry is different, the methods used are different, but the ultimate effect is similar, that is, let more users know our existence.

SEO is spread so fast, the reason why it can be used as a brand-building means, must have its own charm. I believe that with the increase in the number of Web sites, the changes in user demand diversity, search engine status will gradually improve, therefore, SEO is destined to continue to play its charm and power, as long as we firmly believe that enough effort, always will reach their ideal height. OK, here is the end of this article, from: Shenzhen website Construction (, reproduced please retain the copyright, thank you!

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