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E-commerce website Operation is a very important part of the IS user experience , only the user experience done , will be recognized by everyone; For the current hot-burning E-commerce site operations, to simple chat user experience.

First of all ask everyone such a question: User login using "e-commerce site", experience feeling general what ?

I think of the experience of experiencing such a few:

First, the trust experience.

"E-commerce Web site Trust" is to determine the user, will not buy a major reason, the site trust delivery generally through the following several ways:

1 Brand Awareness: Whether the site brand has a certain reputation.

2 Authoritative Certification: whether the site has such as, ICP Number (operating website record information), trusted Web site certification, online trading Security Center certification, China e-commerce website integrity units and so on third party authoritative organization certification.

3 Detailed Contact: Whether the website has 400/800 telephone, detailed contact address and other contact information.

Second, web browsing experience.

There will be a lot of this single piece of content, today, briefly speaking, the Web browsing experience generally includes:

1 Website Visual experience: The color collocation whether lets the user look comfortable.

2 Web site Performance Experience: Page open speed is fast, whether there is a dead link (Error page), whether compatible with various browsers. (This is important, please pay more attention)

3 Site Architecture Experience: The structure is reasonable, the classification of the product is clear, whether it can make it easy for users to find the required products.

4 Website Shopping Experience: The process of submitting the order is smooth, require the user to fill in the relevant information of the timing and content is reasonable, the payment method is diverse (support Alipay, net silver, fast money, delivery and other payment methods), orders submitted whether there are page reminders, products shipped after the mail (SMS) notice.

Third, pre-sales service experience.

Users online (telephone) consultation, customer service staff to answer whether timely, professional, whether appropriate, whether to let the user satisfaction, which will determine the user's final purchase behavior.

These are the 3 important experiences that users have before they buy a product, and 2 key experiences are also felt after the purchase of the item:

Fourth, logistics and distribution experience.

Order generation, when the goods are issued, whether there is intimate SMS (telephone) notification, goods delivery time to ensure that the fastest delivery of goods (now the social rhythm is fast, you faster than others, the user decided to purchase the speed will be fast, the best one "quick example" is a fast schoolbag, fast bag commitment: One hour arrival ! BEIJING, Shanghai, Xi ' An, Chengdu, Tianjin, Changsha and Hangzhou. )

After the delivery of goods, the service attitude of the distribution staff is cordial, the inspection payment process is reasonable (should be prior goods, after payment), whether to provide a variety of payment methods (such as cash, credit card), these are absolutely not negligible key points.

Fifth, after-sales service experience.

Here mainly refers to the exchange process experience, the goods are not suitable, dissatisfied, whether to support the unconditional return, which will play a key role in the user's repeated purchase.

The above is the author thought of some E-commerce site operation of the user experience, not all, more and more valuable user experience waiting for your friends to dig and add.

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