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Around a lot of contact with SEO technology is very good webmaster, the monthly income of a lot of tens of hundreds of of monthly income also have. Found very interesting point, that is, the personal webmaster's income and SEO technology is basically irrelevant, if you are for the money and the pursuit of SEO technology, instead of thinking about, in fact, too much pursuit of technology will perish. I think the amount of money or the courage and thinking of the individual to do things determines their own income. I'll talk about two of the most successful SEO application patterns I've ever touched.

One: Single page e-commerce, easy to tens of thousands of months.

This is the most used SEO site, as long as it is a SEO master almost will do their own single page e-commerce, around tens of thousands of of the friends are almost all of them to do this. The method is very simple, I have previously written a article on the specific operation of articles:

Here want to talk about is a matter of courage, a lot of poor webmaster there are two places are not bold, the first is not bold love procrastination, e-commerce prerequisite ready for a month or two, and some high efficiency as long as a day or two. The second is to spend money without courage, the people do not invite, the purchase of the chain is not willing to buy, such people no matter what is poor.

Second: A certain area SEO, do a good job is to accept the salesman.

I personally also opened a local SEO blog recently, this blog is particularly interesting, the income gap is very large. Some people do SEO ranked first in the region, income or zero, and some income close to 100,000 levels have. Monthly income level 100,000, I think you may not believe the webmaster, in fact, this does not rely on the key to SEO, but by telephone marketing. Baidu is to do is the bidding rankings, all the companies to do the bidding rankings are your target customers, Baidu's business opening fee is 5600, the general can only burn about one weeks, we a common key words of a year maintenance costs in 5000 can. Then find five or six professional customer service per single Commission 1500, each day hundreds of calls. Do SEO services must be done electric sales mode, the model of various search engine companies are used, but also including Alibaba, HC nets and so on these companies have the least number of electrical sales in more than 500 people.

There are a lot of ways to make a living on the internet, and it's best to do it in my contact, especially the first one. But can make money the same project still depends on the quality of the performer and perseverance. Many people have the idea to do not bother to do, and some people do anything, and what is popular to replicate what.

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