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I always want to use the most vernacular language, express clearly what is SEO exactly? I dare not say that I am a master, this does not affect my SEO has its own understanding. SEO is the site of tens of thousands of sites to compete for that Baidu ranked first position. Here, all of this site is your opponent, Baidu algorithm is your opponent. In terms of fighting the enemy, we have to look at the actual situation of our opponents, analyze their strengths, and where the short plates are. Then make your own strategy based on these. In fact, in general, SEO rankings, is the tens of thousands of sites, and Baidu algorithm between the battle. All of Baidu's algorithms are collected from the tens of thousands of websites, using these features as a judgment condition, and then judging by those conditions, the ranking is higher.

A new site in a particular industry, whenever there are new factors, Baidu will be recorded this factor, and then the next time to adjust this factor added. Baidu is in the tens of thousands of Web sites continue to improve, while its own algorithm is also improving. These tens of thousands of sites and Baidu algorithm between the wits with the Three Kingdoms, 18 Hou Dong Zhuo and the struggle between the same ah, then, how can we from the tens of thousands of sites to win it? As I said, the Baidu algorithm's judgment factor, is from these thousands of websites. You can understand that. Keywords are extracted from these thousands. The hyperlinks are extracted from these thousands. How many people search in this industry every day, but also from these thousands of extracts. Our own website is destined to become a part of this industry, also decided, we will inevitably become part of the Baidu algorithm.

We can come to the conclusion that if a website contains all the characteristics of these tens of thousands of homes, then his ranking is the first, why, because Baidu algorithm to judge the conditions from the thousands of sites. If you agree with me, then we can go on talking. So how can we win? whose website can completely comply with Baidu algorithm, then who ranked first, if the Baidu algorithm has 100 conditions, you meet the 100 then you must be first, if you only meet two, then go to thousand outside to find you. So the key point of SEO is that you have to be more than your peers in accordance with the site of the Baidu algorithm to determine the conditions. I'll just say something more nuanced.

1, each industry has its own relevant keywords, for example, medical care has a related word, intellectual property rights in this regard, the relevant keywords, Baidu for these keywords are classified, these keywords is through thousands of sites to supplement the focus, if your site contains all the industry-related keywords, Other sites, no, then you are more close to Baidu algorithm, then in other conditions, your site on the top, if you look for industry-related keywords this matter you will. If not, you are embarrassed to say your own SEO. Then find, all add up to the website, it can be. Then what you have to do is to have the relevant keywords in the industry every day on their own website.

2. What is the best station structure in an industry? The best to retain spiders, you do not know what kind of site can keep spiders Baidu know. The spider went in and couldn't get out. Every day in a website to eat things, then Baidu will naturally think that the site internal chain do well. Like Baidu Encyclopedia. The next time the algorithm is updated, he adds the factor to the algorithm. Then compare this to the tens of thousands of websites, and the more they match the top.


The main direction we do SEO is to include more features than other sites in the industry (this feature refers to the characteristics of thousands of sites in each sector.) Including daily increase in the industry of different keywords, increase the industry related to other sites outside the chain, and constantly optimize their own internal structure of the site, add new traffic every day, new keywords are searched every day. Remember to add a new one every day, instead of repeating yesterday's yesterday. These factors when others add five, you add six, you are ranked higher than others.

At last:

Baidu algorithm In fact, we can foresee, through the observation of the top of the site, to analyze the observation can probably know what Baidu's algorithm, because the top of these sites, is the embodiment of Baidu algorithm.

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