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Search engines are now well-known web platforms. With the popularity of network marketing many enterprises have joined the network Marketing Army. Then network marketing There is a fundamental that is the site. In the past few years, also called the SEO site optimization, this optimization is known to be in search engines to get a good ranking, so that the company's products in the first time appear in the eyes of the demand, thereby expanding product sales. Above all is to let everybody say flood of words, today our theme is "Those leadership thought is not suitable to do optimization" is also to Seoer to find a job when the boss has such a thought, then I advise you to leave early, the following into the theme.

1, the short-term most seeking to generate benefits of the leader.

In the short term, the idea of ranking and producing benefits is nothing wrong, after all, the enterprise takes the benefit as the basic. But this sentence is definitely not suitable for SEO, because doing optimization is a two-way affirmative thing. First, you need to improve your website. Second, you have to conform to the search engine ranking algorithm. These two points are indispensable. SEO is a long and painful process after all.

2, only to say that SEO does not mention the site itself in charge.

First of all to find out what SEO is doing work. It is not difficult to understand, SEO is from the angle of the search engine reasonable modification of the site, so that the site is more conducive to search engine crawl, calculate the ranking of a means just. But this is definitely not a tool for you to brush the rankings. Because the ultimate SEO is definitely not a ranking so simple. Why do you say that we summarize later.

3, directly talk about how long can have the ranking of the person in charge.

Such a statement does not seem to be unreasonable, but also a fundamental problem. But here to explain is not to think that SEO is to do up the rankings are all right, but not only to do up and ranking a long time stable tool. Because there are many factors affecting the ranking, such as: Baidu algorithm update, malicious mass, link situation, the internal structure of the site, the richness of the content of the site, the content of the freshness of the site, the viscosity of the website layout, and so many factors. Of course go to the company to do optimization services must have a time requirement, I suggest you no matter how difficult the word. The time standard is 3 months. This is to their own seriousness is also responsible for the enterprise, not to work on the loose lip. Even if you get a job, you will soon be dismissed. So be sure to clarify the problems you will meet.

To seoer a paragraph: any responsible seoer will be based on their own experience of the company's website to make a general change and optimization program. Just imagine, if a building itself is dangerous, can you put a new floor on it? Maybe, but it turns out the whole building collapsed. Web site is the same, if the site itself there are many problems, and the person in charge directly let you optimize the site of a product page. Maybe you can get a ranking quickly by linking, but remember that it's not going to be a long-term position. More serious is the whole site is punished. Of course, we also have to deal with the punishment, but why do not you start the site as a whole to make changes? A responsible seoer this is a necessary moral character.

summed up in one sentence: SEO is actually a powerful website to help you, finally out of the search engine's palm of a tool, is definitely not opportunistic tools.

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