Tape: IT Security vulnerabilities

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Many companies have dusty, unwanted backup tapes. At first glance, if someone is willing to pay you and take away your rubbish, you will gladly accept it. But there is a huge difference between an old carton of Reader's Digest and a carton of old backup tapes. Although the buyers are paying the same amount of money for both, there are significant security issues with the number of TB enterprise data stored on old tapes to junkyard. With a large amount of data on each tape, selling all the old tapes, leaving terabytes of data out of the enterprise into a state of control, it's a small penny for a big security risk. Want someone to stand up and stop any sale of old backup tapes. There is absolutely no reason to sell tapes when there is a huge potential danger. Although tape buyers guarantee that they are cleaning tapes or degaussing tapes before selling them, the risk/return calculation is completely meaningless. In addition to court summons, never provide data tapes to anyone outside the enterprise. All this demonstrates why it is important for enterprises or institutions to adopt industry destruction policies and procedures. The company has tens of thousands of hard drives, data tapes, and other electronic media that should be destroyed when it is no longer needed. The only way to ensure that data is unrecoverable is to physically destroy these vectors. Shredding machines and shredders from companies such as security engineered Machiner can easily destroy physical media, making it impossible to recover them. From a policy point of view, it is essential to ensure that the media is not lost or resold in any way. This is also reasonable from a practical point of view, since most buyers will only pay about 1 dollars for each tape used. Companies should no longer blindly sell used tapes, sometimes destroying them better than reusing them. (Responsible editor: ZHAOHB) to force (0 Votes) Tempted (0 Votes) nonsense (0 Votes) Professional (0 Votes) The title party (0 Votes) passing (0 Votes) Original: tape: IT security hidden trouble return to network security home
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