Tax incentives for public rental housing to be released before the end of the year

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"If property prices continue to rise significantly in the September, the government has no room for manoeuvre, and the end of the year may have to launch a new round of measures" public rental tax preferential policy, "the housing tax may be launched before the end of the" morning News "may be the central government has yet to decide on the multiple drugs, but if the September property prices continue to rise significantly There is no room for manoeuvre, and a new round of measures may be introduced by the end of the year and the property tax is expected to be included.  Cc Wu, head of the Asia Pacific Real Estate Research division at RBS, said in Hong Kong yesterday. "' Golden Nine silver Ten" during the supply of a large number of listings ... The introduction of measures is only effective when the supply is greatest.  CC Wu pointed out that the real estate tax is the most effective way to suppress property prices, the most psychological impact on the market.  On the same day, Paul Heidens, chief representative of the Asian Development Bank's representative office in China, said in an Asian economic Outlook conference in Beijing that there were many measures to address the underlying problems of house prices, such as the imposition of property taxes to raise the cost of holding houses.  However, Heidens said, China's real estate market has not seen a large bubble risk, need to pay attention to the further effect of policy implementation. "There is no big bubble in China's real estate market in the short to medium term.  Feng Youlan, Director of the Asian Development Bank's economic department, stressed. Heidens also said the Chinese government might take steps to address the fiscal and financing problems of local governments, and avoid the current pattern of local governments relying mainly on the sale of land for financing.  In addition, the Government may provide more affordable housing supply.  This April, the so-called "history of the most strict" real estate control Policy-"State 10" after the introduction of house prices did not drop the King reappeared, and the official implementation of the existing regulatory policy attitude has not wavered. September 26, the Ministry of Land and Resources (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Land) and the Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Development (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Residential construction) jointly issued the "on further strengthening of real estate and construction management regulation of the notice", refinement and implementation of the State Council before the regulation of real estate policy, the demand for land housing supply must tilt to the people's livelihood.  The move was interpreted by the market as a prelude to a new round of property regulation.  Yesterday, the Treasury, the State administration of taxation immediately issued "on the support of public rental housing construction and operation of the tax preferential policies," the public rental construction land and public housing after the completion of the city to be exempted from the use of town-level tax, and public rental management related to a series of taxes, stamp duty and land value-added tax.  In addition, the market on the regulation of the voice also heard. Yesterday, a report said: "After the Ministry of Land and Housing construction to elaborate regulatory policy, the state ministries will jointly issued to further deepen the real estate control policy, strengthen two or three sets of mortgage differential and promote the real estate tax pilot, such as ' blockbuster ' or will debut." "Other reports said that the China Banking Regulatory Commission (hereinafter referred to as the CBRC), the Ministry of Housing and Construction department recently issued a joint internal documents to check the implementation of the differential credit policies in some cities, the relevant supervision work will be completed before September 30."  It is reported that two ministries will be divided into four groups, two cities per group, supervision time of 3 days, focusing on supervision 2010 4-August Housing differential credit policy implementation.
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