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Summary: Tencent technology Liu Shaodong July 25 reported when the domestic taxi software because of burning money competition and policy risk and aihongbianye, the same policy under the pressure of foreign taxi application Uber, and now began to send express business. Fortune in yesterday

Tencent Science and Technology Liu Shaodong July 25 Report

When the domestic taxi software because of burning money competition and policy risk and aihongbianye, the same policy under the pressure of foreign taxi application Uber, now began to send express business.

At the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference held yesterday at Fortune magazine, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said he wanted to transform into a service company related to life services. At present, Uber has begun to try snacks, flowers, and even the delivery of food such as BBQ.

This Valentine's Day, Uber began to launch a flower service, as long as the Uber click on the relevant button, choose a good flower, tell the driver designated location, you can complete a flower service; Customers can also get an ice cream delivery service in the same way, on Friday, Uber announced the launch of Uber ice cream service with local ice-cream trucks in 31 cities, and when you drink beer with your friends, you find that there is less wine and snacks, Uber BBQ (barbecue) delivery service can also entertain you.

Taxi application in the future can also open up what services? As a line of contact online service tools, as long as there is a distance, as long as the simple, standardized services, taxi applications seem to have the opportunity. In the domestic Taxi software field, at present, basically only provides a taxi booking services. Most industry people think this is a win-take-all industry, and really want to profit still have to endure other applications are dead, and the current commercialization problem, is all the taxi software business to think about the problem.

If we can get out of the diversified development ideas and form differentiated services, taxi software can avoid the vicious circle of homogeneous competition and produce diversified business models. For example, online payment mode, as the earliest domestic taxi software to shake the car, at the beginning of the design of the idea is to let passengers through their own account online payment, but this function soon after other taxi software competition and cancellation.

This is actually sacrificing a very important function point to achieve commercialization. And if there is differentiated competition, the taxi software has more leeway, online payment This function is to adhere to the ability, to know Uber almost all life-class services need to complete online transactions.

However, from another aspect, enter the Life service Class express service, and will compete with the traditional fast industry, and these have the heavy assets traditional Express company in the service standardization and the service scale and the quality, all has the innate superiority. How to find their own marginal value, but also a taxi application faced another problem.

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