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Tcl Group (000100) recently released the June 2010 major product sales announcements show that the company's main business continued to grow steadily. Mobile phone and air-conditioning sales growth is the most significant, 1-June year-on-year rapid growth of 181.29%, 82%.  LCD TV 1-June sales of 3.2538 million units, Year-on-year growth 11.06%,CRT TV sales growth of 23.02%. TCL Communications business continued for a year to develop rapidly. The company 1-June Global mobile phone and accessories sales of 14.2281 million units, year-on-year growth of nearly twice times. June mobile phone and accessories sales again high, up to 2.9279 million units, a significant increase of 187.94%. Overseas market performance is particularly outstanding, the first half of the sales reached 12.8991 million units, an increase of 226.15%, the first half of the domestic market year-on-year sales growth of 20.46%. The company continues to consolidate low-end product business at the same time, more actively open up high-end products business, has introduced a variety of keyboard, touch screen and other midrange models. Tcl Communication said that the second half of the company will continue to actively strengthen product development and design, improve product competitiveness, the introduction of more new products, including new 3G products.  In addition, in promoting the rapid development of the original overseas market at the same time, the company will continue to expand the domestic market, and is committed to more emerging markets and ODM business expansion in order to promote the steady growth of performance. Multimedia business, because the domestic market sales than the early industry expectations, resulting in a slightly higher inventory; In view of the current domestic market is the rapid transition to LED TV, the company in the two quarter of the existing LCD TV to clean up the stock;  By this effect, TCL multimedia June LCD TV sales fell 41.42% year-on-year. At present, inventory liquidation and reorganization of the organization has been basically completed, and its effectiveness in the next few quarters will gradually emerge. With TCL Multimedia LED backlight in the third quarter of production, multimedia will be the end of this quarter to launch a variety of LED new products, the company's product structure further optimization, and promote high-end product sales growth. In addition, companies are actively engaged in exchange rate hedging to reduce the impact of the devaluation of the euro.  The Company believes that the above measures will actively improve the operating situation, effectively improve the performance of the second half. On the brand side, Tcl said the company has ceased to sell RCA-branded TVs in North America and has been affected by the short-term sales of LCD TVs in North America and strategic OEMs, based on a strategy to enhance the promotion of its own branded products in the overseas markets, but is beneficial to the company's long-term development and interests. Recently, the company's own brand products sales have been in a number of overseas markets to achieve greater gains, TCL brand color TV in Vietnam, Indonesia, Argentina's market share has stabilized the top three, air-conditioning products in Iran, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and other countries of the market share ranked top five, some areas into the top three. In addition, the company also actively explore new marketing channels, "TCL Online Mall" on-line, will further enhance the company's productsBrand influence, driving the steady growth of sales.
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