TCL mobile phone sales surge in six months

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TCL Communications from the beginning of last June to reverse the weak, from the fourth quarter of 2009 began to complete the internal reorganization and resource optimization, continue to vigorously promote internationalization, while expanding the domestic market, business performance level.  TCL Communication in the first half of the report, TCL Communication has not only turned a profit, and the growth momentum, especially the main sales of TCL communications overseas market performance innovation high. Global handset sales rose 13.8% to 326 million in the second quarter of this year, according to a study by Gartner, a market research firm, which is expected to grow by 14% per cent in the global handset market this year. Sales of TCL mobile phones and components surged to 14.2 million units in the first half of the year, up 181% per cent year-on-year.  In the first half of the year, Tcl was one of the fastest-growing handset makers in the world. From the profit point of view, TCL Communications also set the best performance this year.  In the first half of this year, TCL Communications turnover of HK $3.5 billion, jumped 160% from the same period in 2009, far more than the previous forecast of profits. In the Americas market, TCL Sales surged 335% from a year earlier.  In Europe, the Middle East and Africa markets, TCL sales rose 128% year-on-year, in the Chinese market, TCL mobile phone shipments increased by 20%, the entire Asia-Pacific region sales surged about five times times. TCL Communication is a domestic mobile phone manufacturers can use their own brands in the global sales of one of the few domestic enterprises, other domestic mobile phone manufacturers because in foreign countries are unable to use their own brand sales, can only do OEM (foundry).  TCL Communication has a strong ability to integrate resources, good at the overseas design concept localization, production for different countries, customer demand for products, has formed an effective supply chain management capacity, can effectively dispatch global resources, and has world-class quality control capabilities. For the highly risky international model of cross-border mergers and acquisitions, TCL was once considered the largest short board to be unprepared for talent reserves and corporate culture adjustment. After 6 years of Running-in, TCL Communication has a wealth of international operating experience, with the so-called "Chinese and western" management team, hundreds of foreign staff, in the overseas market development played an important role, these foreign executives and a lot of foreign marketing backbone from the original Alcatel mobile phone business unit,  They have been transferred to TCL Communications for many years and have adapted and agreed with TCL Communication management style and corporate culture. It is understood that TCL Communications has been established in more than 100 countries around the world Marketing network, in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America and other markets and the global mainstream operators to establish a close cooperative relationship. (Anji)
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