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Do search engine optimization, most affect everyone seoer heart, perhaps is the site rankings, perhaps some people say, optimization is not only ranked, there are many factors to consider, such as UV,PV, conversion rate, revenue and so on, but, when your keyword selected, not a good ranking, How could there be these late things? Therefore, I still firmly believe that ranking is the ultimate goal and results, the other is a means. A simple enterprise station, I think we are very familiar with, today I give you to share is about the rankings of large Web sites how to optimize to have better results.

First of all, a large web site for everyone to make a comparison, many large sites in Baidu can be found in the daily traffic in hundreds of thousands of, contains about million, this is a huge number, light from the digital can see this site optimization is how huge a project.

Whether it is a station or a the principle of optimization is actually interoperability, but the amount of data to different results, we choose good keywords according to the navigation column, and then according to different keywords for the chain, outside the chain, the content of the construction, it is noteworthy that the content here is not an article Oh, Refers to your own large number of product information, the purpose of the chain is your site a large number of data URLs, prompting its inclusion, and then do a good job in the chain, relying on a strong weight for support, there is no ranking.

But the site nature also has its big troubles, such as all kinds of dead chain, large amount of data on the site's impact is very large, which requires us to do 404 jump, there are many similar pages, here also need attention, because with the technology update, some old pages will certainly be replaced by new pages, but in order to weight not lost, can not immediately dismount, Several pages exist, you can, but pay attention to the similarity of the page can not exceed 80%, or Baidu will take these pages as a garbage page processing Oh, we must pay attention to.

The above is to share with you the content, this article comes from the same way Net Hotel reservation http://www.17u.cn/hotel/, starting A5, played so many, reprinted when Trouble Annotated My source, civilization reprint, thank you.

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