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Webmaster circles are spread "content is king, chain for the emperor" Such a word, a good original article can bring you considerable outside the chain, the number of the chain is also a very important factor in the site rankings, search engine algorithm, but always will not reduce the original content and the importance of the chain, The following combination of some of their usual skills to do outside the chain to share with you how to effectively increase their external chain.

1. Soft paper Writing

There are many webmaster are afraid to write soft wen, because the brain can not squeeze out what article out, but what I am going to say here is that soft wen is one of the best ways to bring high quality and stability outside the chain, instead of posting on the forum or taking a signature to write a high-quality article to each major forum, this effect is far more meaningful than doing the signature. and the forum signature or post when the chain is very unstable, Baidu every update, those with the signature of the chain will be correspondingly reduced, personal advice not too much to do the forum signature of the outside chain.

2. Be good at using knowledge platform

Some of our common knowledge platform, including search and ask, Baidu know, Yahoo knowledge and so on a series of knowledge quiz platform is to do outside the chain is suitable for the occasion, especially in Baidu know and search inside, organize a paragraph has the topic of asking sex, And then in the answer to ask the way in the reply to the nature of the words with their own web site links. Such a chain generally will not appear off the chain, and Baidu and some search engines to the weight will be particularly high.

3. More and more

Here and then the more the more the more I do not mean that you have to send a lot of posts in the Forum, many of the meaning is to be in different forums with their own site links, do not hang in a tree. This pattern is also very effective, I was registered about more than 100 can be linked to the Forum account, and then only need to send one to two posts per forum can be, 100 different sites have their own site links, you can imagine Baidu to the weight of how high it. If you always stay in a fixed number of sites, in some cases will be Baidu is considered cheating, there will be the risk of falling right.

4. Links

Although this is an old production talk about the topic, but still want to take a look, the main reason is the link to the site ranking is also very influential Oh. Here to remind everyone is the best choice of friendship links with their site with the same industry to do the link, this will be a search engine to improve the authority of your site, so that you can effectively increase the weight of your site.

5. The title party does outside the chain

The so-called title party to do outside the chain in fact, is in your article title with your website link, there are many forums will restrict members in the article with the link to the anchor text or URL, then we can take their site in the title of the website and in the article as far as possible not to appear, such a chain effect is also very effective.

6. Mainstream template development

The development and design of the mainstream template is also one of the important factors that bring out the chain. If you have the conditions may wish to try to do two sets of different procedures of the template, and then in the template at the bottom of the link with their own site, whenever users choose to use the template will automatically bring your site links, virtually to the site brought a small return.

7. Publish a task

This is the simplest way, SEO for those beginners to optimize the use of the method is to release the mission, let those who do a part-time staff to help you do outside the chain, and then the appropriate return, which is also a small series last year I used the most common method, received the effect is very good.

Summing up some of the above methods, personal feel as long as their down-to-earth, step can be your site outside the chain stability increase, not anxious to do outside the chain to have a step-by-step process, "soar" style will only make you fall deeper and more painful.

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