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Now do SEO optimization, will be exposed to nofollow this attribute tag, and many people think, know how to play Nofollow label, then you even a master SEO optimization, visible nofollow tag in the role of SEO optimization! So how can you play the nofollow tag? The following author from the nofollow tag properties of the role of talking about!

One: The nofollow attribute is just an attribute value of an HTML tag, and its role is to tell the search engine not to track this particular link on the HTML page, which is actually to tell the link not to be recommended to the search engine, so when a link is set to nofollow properties, This link will not be transferred to the role of weight, this link is not effective outside the chain!

So at present, many high-quality sites will do so, including NetEase's blog, basically NetEase's blog on the external chain set up the Nofollow label, for the is not to bear their own outside the chain is very messy, not the interest of the site in the search engine weights, So webmaster friends in the future can not spend time on NetEase blog to do outside the chain, but we can through the micro-bleomycin Sina try, because I did not find the use of Sina Weibo nofollow signs, at least in a short time, Sina Weibo has not such a trend!

However, there is a point to clarify, although these settings nofollow properties of the chain, although not to pass the weight, but can guide the search engine to jump to the destination site, so in some cases, such as the initial site construction, the need for search engines to patronize their own site, So even if you set the nofollow properties of the link, it can be appropriate to do some!

Two: Next we talk about how to set the HTML nofollow attribute tag, for example, your site home page has a link to another site home page URL, then in this link attributes plus rel= "nofollow" tag, then this link, Will not be the search engine memory as the outside chain! In the form of code is <a href= "http://www.xxxx.com" rel= "nofollow" >seo optimization </a>; seo optimization, is the anchor text! If the SEO optimization of these words to remove, Then inside the http://www.xxxx.com is hypertext link! From this code we can see, whether the anchor text, or hyperlinks, do not have the role of the chain! Because this link is marked rel= "nofollow"!

Three: So nofollow can be used in what way? From the role of nofollow tag properties, is to prevent the weight of the site transmission of the proliferation, such as some of the community registered members of the signature, the portal inside the blog, and so on, these because of the large number of users, or reply to post a lot By setting the Nofollow property, you can avoid the overflow of the weight transfer, which causes the search engine's aversion! Because the Nofollow property is set, the performance on the Web page and the normal link is consistent, so it may be some bad intentions webmaster, As a link to exchange other people can pass the weight! and their own site does not pass weight to others, thus greedy for petty gain!

Four: Help site control the weight of the station, because on the site, there is a lot of information is not required to crawl the content of search engines, such as privacy protection, site background and registration of the page links, because these links for the site is not high value, but also waste search engine too much time, Then we can even stand in the nofollow tag, to let search engines to spend time on the focus of the content of the page to crawl, so as to enhance the site's SEO optimization effect! If some of the site pages, the entire link does not need to crawl, Then it is through the nofollow and noindex these two attributes at the same time to apply, and placed in the head tag of the Web page, you can achieve! This is one of the ways to effectively improve the effectiveness of SEO optimization site!

Nofollow tags for Baidu, Google, the spider is still more follow this principle, but the author through contrast, found that other search engines, nofollow properties shielding role, often do not follow! But because the market share of other search engines is too low, So the understanding of the nofollow attribute and the setting still need very good master! This article source: http://www.lafan.com pull every net A5 first, reprint please specify, thank you!

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