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Wireframes are like design frames and bearers, which represent the very heart of the final product. Wireframes maintain a subtle balance between fidelity and speed, and while plotting does not require the most perfection of detail, design ideas must be expressed that express all of the important parts of the wireframe.

In order to make a qualified or even excellent wireframe, we can also prepare some suitable material for ourselves.

1, Sqetch, an Illustrator Wireframe Toolkit

Sqetch includes several templates and elements designed for the browser, iPad upright, iPad landscape, Smartphone, GUI-Elements and Form-Elements. Although it is a simple Illustrator toolkit, it can solve most of the problems in drawing wireframes Faced with the demand.

2, Android Patterns

The site provides a variety of interactive design Android applications, including navigation, drag action, input interface, personalized design, social sharing button. These designs can assist in the development of Android applications, and the solution itself is simple and highly available.

3, Illustrator template for iPhone design

This is a style template designed specifically for the iPhone for iPhone interface design. This wireframe basically covers all the iPhone interface design, you can save a lot of effort in the face of the same template design.

In some cases, we may be grateful to the iPhone for a relatively "perfect" design, and we may have a variety of "innovations" in functionality but at the interface, we have too many perfect designs to draw on (At least on the basis of the wireframe).

4, Sketching the iPhone

The same is a set of wireframe material for the iPhone, the main recommendation of which several different styles of keyboard, toolbar and dock icon, so that their wireframe can express a variety of different patterns.

5, iPad Sketch Elements AI

There are many sketch-style AI maps for iPad elements for quick prototyping.

If you have some faith in your mouse drawing students may not have access, but for the average speed sketching classmates, with this material can help their fastest to draw the most ideal design.

6, Sketching the iPad

Similar to the appeal of the Sketching the iPhone, the material is mainly a variety of templates that can be quickly shaped to meet the needs of different layouts of wireframes.

7, Dragnet website wireframews kit for Adobe Fireworks

Dragnet website wireframes kit v0.91 is a public library of Adobe Fireworks that contains 25 objects for site prototyping. This suite is completely free, and includes a variety of common Web design elements with scroll bars, buttons, navigation and more. Most of the material support 9-slice scaling function, this can be a good object size adjustment.

8, Free Sketching & Wireframing Kit

When drawing sketches and wireframes, we often require a different suite of elements for different layouts, including forms, navigation, icons, sliders, feedback, tooltips, image placeholders, etc., even though they are functionally embedded video And common advertising, it also prepared for you the right material.

This material is not fully targeted, we can choose according to their own needs the elements they need. There are also AI, PDF, SVG and EPS for everyone to choose from.

9, Android GUI PSD

The main PSD template to help you design Android applications can be accurate to the pixel, or the need for such a fine design is not suitable for using too many fixed template, but allows everyone in the design of more references.

The use of this set of fine templates can also make design less demanding designers to more easily complete their own design.

10, Free Wireframe Toolbar Icons for GUI designers.

This icon can be used to draw wireframes and even a variety of prototypes and visuals, and is available for applications, software, web design. There's also a lot of help with application design on platforms like Android, Windows Mobile, Palm, iPhone and iPad.

The application of these icons is very wide, but in this Xiaobian suggested that in the face of such a number of icons, if it is a novice, it should not be used. Too many choices will affect their own design, select a small number of simple icons to grasp, later when needed, you may be able to re-try this set of material.

11, Web Wireframe Kit

Through this PSD file, you can help Web designers to quickly layout design, which basically contains all the elements that may come into contact with a web page design process.

12, Simple UI Elements

As the literal understanding, this site mainly provides some common and practical network and application design user interface elements, including a variety of simple PSD files.

13, Free Photoshop browser templates

In web design, we hope that through an exhibition to make everyone have an intuitive understanding of the effect of our design, but here we can choose a different browser template to do a visual renderings.

The templates provided here include IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and even Netscape for you. (Xiaobian whisper, if you need The World, 360 or travel templates, this may need to self-reliant)

At the same time the other pages of the site can also find other materials you need, including the input box, buttons, but also the design of books recommended.

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