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Siemens PLM Software today announced that Teamcenter software can be used on cloud platforms, adding another option for Teamcenter customers. Cloud-based Teamcenter, implemented through the infrastructure, Service (IaaS) model, extends the platform selection strategy for Siemens PLM Software, and demonstrates the commitment of the company to deliver products based on future architectures, and the purpose of its HD-PLM vision plan. Teamcenter is built on an open architecture that enables customers to flexibly use their preferred technology platforms and suppliers.

In contrast to proprietary hardware, Teamcenter on the cloud platform enables customers to transfer some or all of their computing infrastructure to a third cloud service provider, enabling them to economically and efficiently access enterprise-class IT infrastructures and resources without additional investment. Currently, Siemens PLM Teamcenter can be used on the three leading cloud services platforms, including Microsoft Windows Azure, IBM SmartCloud. Enterprise+ and Amazon Web Services. Siemens PLM has completed the relevant certification and activation procedures that Teamcenter has delivered on the IaaS products of these service providers. Enterprise users can dynamically expand the teamcenter on the cloud platform to speed up value acquisition and reduce cost of ownership.

The Teamcenter on the cloud platform enables a fast and flexible deployment of the virtual Teamcenter environment, enabling customers to dynamically expand or shrink their infrastructure based on the needs of the project. The service allows customers immediate access to infrastructure resources without the need for significant upfront input. The deployment of Teamcenter on the cloud platform also enables the expert team to centralize management of IT applications, enabling customers ' IT resources to focus on higher value-added services, such as training for suppliers and partners, to enhance collaboration and achieve faster ROI.

Eric Sterling, senior vice president of Siemens PLM Software lifecycle collaboration software, said: "The main advantage of Teamcenter on the cloud platform is the business flexibility it brings." In today's changing global environment, a flexible, dynamic management of the cloud infrastructure enables customers to expand computing resources based on demand and, more importantly, reduce costs when demand is reduced. This enables companies to effectively manage it budgets, making them operational rather than capital spending, and improving profitability. We are pleased to work with leading suppliers such as Microsoft, IBM and Amazon to launch this new option for our customers. ”

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