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Recently, China Unicom and micro-letter in Guangdong Pilot cooperation, this is after Wophi again after a considerable industry concern, with 400 million of users to expand directional flow of the substantive exploration, but also in advance of the 4G era operators between the Horn of happy enclosure.

The author believes that this cooperation, its essence is to the competition is directed at the current majority of income rely on voice and SMS business revenue of China Mobile, timing is at the time of the choice of Jego after China Mobile self-inflicted injury. Rumor has it that Guangdong Telecom has twisted into the scandal of cooperation with the micro-letter. Since the release of the iphone, the two telecom operators have launched the infighting between users, this time in the micro-letter cooperation, hoping to destroy the opponent first and then quickly.

Micro-letter Intercom function plus Unicom's 300M (200M) traffic, low-cost traffic Package micro-letter privileges, will train users to gradually get rid of the use of voice and SMS business status, but also can play a role in restricting the competitor MMS and mobile payment business.

Recently, the media reported that the Ministry of Commerce approved in Hubei, Jiangxi and Yunnan provinces to launch a transfer network, after the Ministry of Wei has said that 2013 will be timely expansion of mobile phone user numbers to carry the test range. The timely expansion of the number portability policy will benefit China Mobile's stock users to transfer to Unicom Telecom, so that the market share of three operators is balanced, with the rapid development of OTT business brought about by 4G high bandwidth and the complementarity of virtual operators, the telecom operators will return to the essence of pipelines.

On the other side, the portability of the transfer network makes the competition between operators more intensified. 4G era, traffic will inevitably become the stock of user management weights, but with asymmetric control and LTE speech Terminal maturity temporarily lag in the LTE FDD, I expect, in China Unicom and micro-letter cooperation under the fuse, in order to ensure the high profits of state-owned enterprises index, mobile will be the user-scale advantage to fight price war, Further save the volume expansion increment to realize the structure transformation of voice and wireless Internet service revenue. Therefore, the transfer network for the three telecom operators themselves, will only lead to strong constant strength.

Second, portability will make OTT business development. Ott in the cooperation with the three telecom operators, because of the competition, the strong OTT operators will use the price lever of the weak telecom operators to check the strong telecom operators, and the weak OTT operators are likely to have exclusive cooperation with the telecom operators, This means that the size of the dominant operators because they can not get the business and tariff concessions in time, but have to turn to the network of vulnerable operators, the end may also be vulnerable operators of the network and service experience can not meet user needs, so that users back to the strong operators. This actually increased the user portability time cost, at the same time, as a result of competition, three telecom operators will be in the contract package plan to upgrade the threshold, thus delaying the reduction of user portability of the enthusiasm and willingness to transfer network.

Again, carry number transfer network must be advantageous to TD-LTE/TD-SCDMA development. TD-SCDMA era, the transfer network to prevent the mobile TD users, but with the recent mobile GSM users to speed up the transfer of TD-SCDMA, at this time the expansion of the size of the transfer network to carry out with the development of TD-SCDMA to stimulate the domestic economy will be contrary?

In the LTE era, since three operators in the LTE have taken active or passive support attitude, therefore, the nationwide expansion of the transfer network must consider support to accelerate the development of TD-LTE/TD-SCDMA users, So that three operators of LTE network must meet the basic needs of users, can make the development of China's LTE in line with the original intention.

Finally, the implementation of the transfer network can not reduce the old broadband user experience. At present, because the broadband users in the community and fixed network operators signed exclusive agreement, making other telecom operators broadband difficult to access. Therefore, the owner in the mobile phone brand and the choice of tariffs, the general adoption of fixed-network broadband bundled contract plan, once the transfer network implementation, if the user number to transfer to other telecom operators, in fixed-network broadband services should be guaranteed not to discriminate against users.

On a global scale, the significance of the transfer network is to improve the level of operational services, and should not be the source of the decline in user experience. Especially in the 4G era, the transfer network should fully consider the relationship between the cooperation third party and the telecom operator, the development of business rules in line with user experience can not increase the operation cost of telecom operators and cooperative third parties due to the transfer of number, and enhance the threshold of cooperation between OTT and telecom operators, and eventually pass on the cost to the users.

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