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Friends who have done the site know that the construction of the site outside the chain is a long-term arduous task. Since Baidu, Google hit the link after the sale, by buying links to upgrade the way the chain does not work, but the normal Exchange links and Web site Directory link submission can be. This article is about the site outside the chain of content, we can not see, I believe there will be a certain harvest.

One, similar websites exchange links. This is also the most original but very effective way to do outside the chain. Now Baidu, Google hit link trading, but with the content of the site exchange links, in addition to the construction of high-quality outside the chain, and sometimes access to a considerable source of traffic.

Second, high-quality Web site release with links to soft text. There are a lot of soft release media, can be 20-50 of yuan in the price of high-quality Web site release soft, a good soft text in a good website release, will cause a lot of forwarding, resulting in a large number of outside the chain. News source site Words effect will be more obvious, the role of SEO work is not small 戯, but the price will be published more expensive, the requirements of the article is also higher. Of course for personal webmaster, recommended to find some of the same kind of relevant web site cooperation for free release, in fact, many large sites have to cooperate with small sites, if you have the cooperation of the major stations, do not waste resources, they look for your hair, you also write a few to let them help you hair.

Third, the raising of blog building outside the chain. In the major blog platform to do outside the chain is also an old way. With a variety of blog outside the chain of tools, the way to build a chain is also slowly towards the end of the fall, the major blog platform is not vegetarian, and adopted a number of mechanisms to curb this behavior. However, some large blogs such as Sina, NetEase, Tianya, etc. included or a considerable amount of advice, we also use their own accumulated related resources.

Four, Friendship link platform Exchange. This kind of platform can increase the outside chain of our website. It can also improve the exposure of our website. Moreover, after the information is released, others can use the contact way you leave to change the link with your website. It is also a very good way to publish the chain. A5, Chinaz and other webmaster platforms have a special Link exchange section, when nothing can go to find the right link for exchange.

Install bookmark favorites and social sharing tools. Bookmark categories have QQ bookmark, Baidu search hidden ... The social sharing tool has the cloud recommendation, the Baidu recommends ... And so on, through their own website installation they can get a certain amount of external chain and considerable traffic.

Vi. Web site navigation, classification directory submission. If you can let hao123, 360, 2345 of these navigation sites included, regardless of the chain or traffic are of great use. Of course, the difficulty is very large, you can return to the second, you can put their own site to those not well-known classification directory submission, can establish a long-term stable outside the chain. DMOZ directory can also be submitted, now the difficulty is not very high, I submitted through a few.

All above said is I know some of the site to do outside the chain of experience, because the level is limited, inevitably wrong, welcome to exchange corrections.

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