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As a then, we will see such articles, well-meaning warning us, how to develop friendship links, each time the friendship links do not too much, slowly development, how to. So, what's wrong with us?

The problem or from the link said, since the collection of less, then the spider is certainly not enough, the reason is very simple, spiders have the problem of crawling depth, often spiders crawl to your home page, do not crawl, or climb some subdirectories also do not crawl, the reason is very simple. Since found the reason, then how to solve this problem, and a website exchange links, then do not blindly pursue PR and included quantity, we should pay attention to the spider's active situation.

Let me say a few of my experiences here.

If a station contains the pages of the day, this is a good station, although its PR is 1 included only hundreds of; If a website content structure is reasonable, the catalog is clear, the article page structure is simple, the site its included pages are recent, is a good station;

Believe that carefully read the article's friends, has been wiped out, write to the back, I do not want to write. Because, I feel write down, I feel I have a kind of the meaning of being a savior, and I do not have this intention.

The heart of a friend to think about the meaning of it, the development of links, suggest that you refer to the next 58 ideas ... Summing up a word, as many as possible cross links, whether you are linked to someone else's homepage or inside the page, as much as possible to let other people's site links to your inner pages, preferably a catalog page, to think about it.

Webmaster Network remote Starting author address: Http:// reproduced the brothers accumulate point blessing, timely reproduced this address, on your site really has no impact.

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