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Earlier on contact with the network, I would like to know more about the network to promote knowledge, would like to write some articles and exchange, share, and common progress. Helpless inherited the engineering people stupid writing, plus a cumulative and computer exchange, sometimes feel that they can not talk, hehe. Good at network optimization of people, but many are unknown research, summed up a lot of experience, can really put the experience of the bottom of the pressure to share the few and little, today I even half of the bottle is not known on the come out to give a tip, I hope you can get the master pointing pleaes.

Said so much, digress, hehe. Anyway, I don't sleep well, I love to dream, I like to look up the dream in the morning, over time, thought, why don't you do a week public dream site, said dry on dry, half a month later, the site on-line, the beginning of the content is not perfect, I did not submit to the major search engine (in the site is not perfect and frequent changes in the time, do not submit to the search engine , because the search engine will record your site changes, think you are garbage station, will extend the inspection period, included slow or the number of reduced, weight will be reduced. Personally understand, not to make bricks. such as the framework of the site is not changed, the content of a perfect 80%, I began to submit search engines, all the search engines included a good. In order to improve the rankings, I use my own website or friends of the site to make one-way links to this station, a link every day, one months later, the effect came out, the week to solve the dream of the word to take the first page, a lot of traffic every day, but at the same time I found a problem, although the home page ranked very good, But because many of the content of the dream solution is duplicated on the web, caused by a small number of pages included in the page flow, a good flow structure, should be the flow of internal pages and far more than the first page flow, so as to ensure that the weight of the home page is not high when the impact on the traffic is not conducive to the long-term development of the site. In order to solve this problem, improve the internal page rate, I tried a lot of ways.

One day up, found site home is not the first, and the key related to the home page almost lost, snapshots can not find, and then, I calm down to think about the reasons, I summarized the following reasons:

1, "Do not easily change the title of the site" recently done a Web site revision, the revision of the frame, changes in the larger, search engine slowly adapt, at this time can not change the original page of the title of the site, now search engine on the title is very important, because the change of title, Cause the search engine to re-examine your site, resulting in the weight of your site down. My site is this reason, causing site is not on the home page.

2, "website revision to do 301 Jump" site in the revised version of the original article, the new content and the same old content, and coexistence, did not do 301 permanent jump, resulting in a large number of duplicate content, but also reduce the weight of the site. Therefore, in the revision website or migrate the website, must do 301 jumps, this everybody may look more relevant information, very useful.

3, "Avoid Baidu update cycle changes in the site and do the link" before Baidu is four small updates per week, recently changed to a small update every Friday, the monthly 26th big Update, in the update period, the site's ranking will change, and instability, so in this period it is best not to move the site structure, also do not make links, It's best to do some routine updates, at that time, when the revised Web site directly on the server to change, just is the Thursday, is also 25th Baidu Big Update, the results in this time revision, so that every time the spider crawling information is very different, so that spiders at a loss, the results can be imagined, so everyone after the revision of the site, The best in the local debugging, upload to the server when you do not change, and do not update the time period of Baidu changes in the site, avoid.

4, "website update Irregular" Previously updated sites are arbitrary, have time to update, sometimes, one day update more than 10, no time is not updated, and update the time point is not sure. In order to solve this problem, to ensure that every day there are updates, I added the audit function backstage, in advance recorded many articles in the inside, to the time of an audit, the update was completed. Fixed-point quantitative update every day, to prevent sometimes no time to update. So every day search engines can crawl to new content, so that spiders visit every day. Increase the weight of the site.

5, "Server Problem" I began to choose a virtual host, above the linked to more than 200 sites, there are no lack of search engine punishment site, which may also bring to my site implicated effect. And the virtual host is sometimes easy when the machine, the website can not visit, if the spider just to visit your website, or Baidu big update when your station just can't access, the results can be imagined. In order to solve this problem, I spent more than the original price of several times to buy a VPS host, their own independent IP, not with other people's Web site with the same IP, to prevent being implicated, moreover, performance is good, access speed is also high.

Through these methods, after one months of improvement, snapshots back, every day update, home site first back, although the home page ranking and weight is not very good, but after all took the first step, with the addition of the chain, the content of the improvement, weight also in 1.1 points of Ascension, I believe that as long as perseverance, everything will be better. I hope that my experience can give you some help, so that everyone as little as possible to make my mistake. Also hope that all of you write a lot of exchanges and common progress.

Article Source: Zhou Gong dream Author: Zhou Public mailbox: Woxiai (#)

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