Ten cities in July, the big price decline in the market

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-Morning reporter Liu Chang according to the DTZ DTZ monitoring data show: Compared with the average monthly turnover in the first half of 2010, the domestic ten sample cities in July closed down the trend is obvious, the first-line urban decline is particularly prominent, the mean decline of 27.6%; Trading prices in second-tier cities fell by 5.8% and 6.6% over the first half of the year.  The tightening effect of state regulation and control policy has gradually appeared, the real estate market will enter a deep adjustment period. Shanghai is on a tight sale, housing prices have supported the top ten samples of urban residential inventory data show that the negative inventory status in Guangzhou and Changsha as the market supply increased moderately eased, the transaction prices have come down; July Shanghai's market supply and sales were roughly the same as last month, at present the number of home sales is about 40,000 sets,  Digestion time of about 2.2 months, supply and demand contradictions have not fundamentally improved, so the price has to be supported; excess inventory in the city, Shenzhen, due to the impact of turnover, digestion inventory time to about 10.7 months, but the price did not fall significantly, the local developers are expected to reduce the pressure of the second half of the DTZ DTZ to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, four first-line samples of the July ten best-selling real estate research found that the four cities of commercial housing sales structure has tended to the market ideal level, high-end and luxury products accounted for the transaction ratio (in terms of sales volume) in July continued to fall to 28%, the market for small and medium-sized,  Low-price rigid demand housing supply is becoming more and more adequate, supply structure continues to improve. High-end residential turnover sharply shrinking high-end residential, according to DTZ Dai Liang Research Department of the latest statistics show that July 2010 Shanghai property market 50,000 yuan/square meters above the high-end apartment project deal area of only 8,000 square meters, the chain down 26%, down 70% year-on-year, and compared with the sharp decline in turnover, The average price of the high-end residential market remained stable, at $64,100/sqm, down 8.3% from the 69,900 yuan/square metre last month, down 15%.  In the high-end residential area of the traditional luxury areas within the ring, the monthly average price of its apartment flats fell by only 9%, to 66,100 yuan/square meters. Wu Huiming, director of the DTZ DTZ comprehensive residential service East China region, said in the overall turnover year-on-year decline of up to more than 70% of the luxury market, occupy scarce resources of high-end residential products show relatively strong weak market resilience; Shanghai residential market is still strong in the wait-and-see atmosphere, but the demand for higher-end customers ' autonomous improvement has increased. She said that in addition to the domestic population, the high-end residential market in the overseas customers are also showing signs of growth, in addition to the appreciation of the renminbi, domestic and foreign interest rate differentials is a major inducement, the buyer's offshore loan costs lower than the country, resulting in relatively low cost of purchase.
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