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Website optimization is not the way to achieve the goal, you can not expect the site optimization to bring ROI. Website optimization should be an integral part of website construction and development strategy. For now, website optimization is still the most effective and practical way to promote the website, skills, and development is very rapid, I do network promotion when also saw the role of site optimization, site optimization is also slowly in-depth study and practice, because the Web site optimization of the theoretical knowledge too much, Only through practice can better understand, in other words, Web site optimization is to cater to search engines and users of a skill. I will also better combination of site optimization technology to promote the network to do better, in the acquisition of traffic at the same time improve the conversion rate, I will also be committed to upgrade from the website to network Marketing!

1, as soon as possible to submit to as many search engines as possible

Most search engines have access to related websites and Web pages. Other smaller search leads are mostly dependent on search engine databases, so there is no need to submit them. Submitting to the best three search engines, Bing, and Yahoo are indeed a good way to be found as quickly as possible. And as the site optimization technology is more mature, actively submitted to the search engine is not the preferred way, but the release of external links to attract spiders actively crawl, because the usual initiative to submit the site to search engines need a week or even longer to be included, and the way to send external links to attract spiders the fastest in a few hours can be included , obviously, who will choose the second way, not only can speed up the search engine can also add external links to the site, why not?

2, website optimization is not a work

It is wrong to think that simply changing a few pages of Web pages can improve the ranking of websites. Site optimization is actually like eating and exercising. You have to work the site's optimization, and you have to do it the right way. Website optimization threshold is really low, familiar with some basic coding, download a set of source code on the Internet can start to do site optimization, different is just the site optimization strategy and program, then practice, and then a good way is to practice to know the effect.

3, the link to your site is submitted to the directory site is the best way to change the ranking of the site

Search engines often punish websites that turn themselves into "shadow directories." Given the difficulty of deciding whether a website is legitimate, the best way to do it is to increase it naturally. So far, the safest way to do this is to post high quality website original information. Submitting URLs to directory sites or industry sites and professional catalogs can actually add external links, can also increase the exposure of the site increased traffic, especially to some of the higher weight of the directory station, and external links also affect the site ranking elements, but this is not the best way, but this way is more difficult, Slow, because many of the directory sites need to audit validation, and improve the site exposure and traffic and increase the external links are many ways, and this is not the most convenient and quickest.

4, use as many keywords as possible, the more the better

Keywords are important, and there is no doubt about that. But this "black hat" approach, with as many keywords as possible, is illegal in search engines and may even lead to bans. Use keywords and key phrases in a natural way. A density of 4% to 8% is sufficient. Use too many keywords on your page title to add junk information. Search engine put the information in the Web page in accordance with the keyword density standard word, identified as the key word for this page, too many keywords is the site optimization of the more common performance, and too many keywords will lead to keyword piling, search engines are particularly sensitive to the site to take punitive measures, such as reducing its ranking in search results, Reduce its PR value in search engines as well as prohibit the site, which is often said by K.

5, in front of the customer to commit themselves to the keyword ranking to do search engine home, first sign back again

I want to do webmaster know, who can not guarantee to always occupy the top ten search engines, let alone the first. This is a sales strategy to win customers. Search engine in its help center clearly said: "No one can guarantee the rankings in search engines." "Search engines use more than 200 calculation rules to determine search engine results and page numbers." It is a tightly guarded secret, and only the search engine insiders know the page rankings, so they are the only ones who can guarantee rankings. This may be more common, and a lot of people are also easy to new, because it is not very understanding of the site optimization is difficult to distinguish such a guarantee is true, but a bit of common sense people should be able to understand that the site rankings can be artificial, but not people can control, if who can control the search rankings, Either he is a search engine or he is a jerk. I am in charge of several websites of the company's network promotion process, also encountered a similar guise to promote their Web site optimization software, but did the site optimization of the people are aware that the impact of keyword ranking elements are many rather than single, and their software is targeted at search engine cheating tools, such as the Brush keyword ranking tool, Brush flow tools, brush Baidu drop-down box ranking tools, brush Baidu related search tools, and so on, and once the search engine found the consequences are very serious or even directly by k off.

6, links, links, or links, more links, the more links the better.

Links, of course, do not cause damage to site optimization, especially import links. But in the link process we need to follow the rules, not the more links the better. Export links to related and unrelated pages affect the PR value. In fact, the link to the secondary quality of the site's external links will allow your site to be banned. Import links and export links look natural. The more High-quality import links the site gets, the higher the PR value of the site may be. The link here can be a link, internal links and external links, links and the relevance of the number is also need to pay attention to the relationship between the link and high weight can be regarded as high-quality links, from the weight of the aspect, friends chain more PR output value is lower, to enhance the weight of the site is meaningless; and external links in different search engine views are also different, such as the number of external links can affect the site in the Baidu rankings, and the search engine for external link quality requirements are very high, more difficult to do, but also some said the search engine external links show inaccurate, different statements, no final conclusion.

7, META tags are the key to high ranking

Although meta tags are useful, they no longer have such a big effect on site optimization. It is wise to use the right and necessary meta tags. But high quality information is more important to website optimization. If the META tag does not match the page information, the page may even be penalized accordingly.

Meta tags are important in early search engine technology because they are not able to crawl all Web pages and have no technology for full-text analysis, so each meta tag is very important. However, according to the current many authoritative data show that the role of META tags in search marketing is not very important, but there are many do site optimization webmaster have retained this, such as the head of the Web page plus description, Can let users find their own site can be very clear to know the theme of the site or corporate information, to some extent, can improve the user search experience, and the user experience is the site optimization and search marketing more and more attention.

8. Non-tracking links from other sites are useless

Technically, non-traceable links do not provide link site optimization effects. However, search engines have their own way of judging whether these untraceable links come from high-quality sites. Therefore, non-tracking links from authoritative sites have some benefits. At the very least it can bring traffic to the site, and improve the authority of the site. Non-tracking links seem to have no definite definition for the moment, I understand that the search engine can not crawl as a link to external links, but not can not be crawled by search engines, and such links if you can appear in the more authoritative site or the higher weight of the page, once the search engine to crawl, it will be considered more important, More useful, you can increase the exposure of the link to the probability of a certain amount of traffic, and secondly can improve the friendliness of the search engine.

9, the activity URL is unfavorable to the website

The activity URL has attracted people's attention. This is not the case now, the search engine has matured a lot. Reducing the number of active URLs to a reasonable format makes things a lot easier. It also makes it easier for people to read. For search engines, in the subjective static page and dynamic page does not have special likes and dislikes, but a lot of dynamic page parameter mechanism is not conducive to search engine included, and static pages more easily included. In addition, the page static to some extent also improve the page access speed and system performance and stability----This makes the search engine optimization, in order to make the effect more obvious, the problem is simple and quick to solve, everyone to the site static shone. Therefore, in the process of doing site optimization, can be static page to avoid the use of dynamic pages.

10, website optimization is about the PR value

If you think website optimization is PR, then you are wrong. In fact, website optimization is mainly about how much you can bring to your site loyal readers and potential customers. If not translated into sales and loyal readers, high PR value is worthless. PR is not the main element that determines the ranking of websites, but for search engines, PR at any time or to occupy a more important element, after all, PR is the search engine itself proposed to the page level of the logo, also called the page weight, can be imagined, the higher the weight of the page, ranking naturally the better, but in Baidu is not very valued PR , for the more competitive keywords will be based on the site PR and weight to rank. But the purpose of website optimization is to better promote the site, improve the site's user experience, improve site access conversion rate to achieve the final search marketing m, this is the ultimate goal of website optimization, and improve the PR value is for better website optimization.

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