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Today, I accidentally saw a "2009 most popular ten excellent web site navigation Station" Selection results of the article, carefully read the selection of the "Ten excellent web site navigation Station" Detailed list, the list of detailed lists of the top ten excellent web site navigation station name and site links. Specific is: "Hao123 Web site home, universal navigation Network, 114 Web site navigation, Baidu Web site Daquan, Google Web site Daquan, 2345 Web site navigation, QQ Web site Daquan, 265 internet navigation, 1616 Web site navigation, sogou Web site navigation," which Baidu has hao123, Baidu Web site Daquan; Google has 265, Google Web site Daquan, and so on, from the list is not difficult to draw the following conclusions, Baidu and Google's Web site navigation station occupies the top ten Web site navigation station 40%, that is, nearly half, fully explain the strength of today's search engine.

Seriously investigate the reason, you can know,

First, the two major search engine acquisition of hao123, 265 of these Web site navigation station itself is a strong Web site navigation station, a strong Web site navigation station with the powerful combination of search engines, is the strength of the site navigation station has been further strengthened.

Second, as the search engine has become more and more influential, its Web site navigation stations have been explicitly added to the homepage of the search engine, so that its Web site navigation station can take the east of the search engine, further enhance their visibility and influence.

Third, the search engine's Web site navigation station, because there is sufficient capital investment, can have specialized personnel responsible for the development of its website more smoothly.

From the results shown above, the Web site navigation station in the future development of space is also less and less, in the strong Web site navigation sites in the survival of the Web site navigation station, if not in the innovation of a breakthrough in fame, it will be a drastic decline, the intensity of competition can not imagine, in the tide of the sand environment, how many will be eliminated, We wait and see.

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