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At present, the development of micro-blogging in China is alarming. August 10 Tencent reported earnings data, Tencent Weibo registered users have reached 233 million, August 19, Sina Two quarterly earnings data show that Sina Weibo registered users have exceeded 200 million. In addition, Sohu Weibo, Tencent Micro Bo and Phoenix Micro-Bo Step-by-step follow, many other platforms also launched a microblogging function.

In the micro-Bo rapid development of the situation, naturally caused by a lot of business concerns, many enterprises have realized that the popularity of highly concentrated micro-blog is the next stage of marketing battleground. However, because of the rapid development of Weibo, many companies have not yet been able to study the concept of micro-blog marketing, methods and skills. The following are the author's opinion of the current impact of micro-BO marketing the ten factors.


One, the self-deception: without micro-bo there is no problem

Some enterprises say, Micro Bo on the Manto, the risk must be not small, but as long as we do not use it, nature will not attract so much trouble. There are a lot of companies with this kind of thinking, but the idea is quite untenable, which can only be regarded as a kind of self-deception.

I once said: "You use and not, there are always people in the microblog said you." In particular, when there are more and more users on the microblogging platform, when the main two micro-blogging platforms have more than 200 million users, the Borrie discussion of the absolute number of your business will naturally become more and more.

Of course, there may be negative information about your business in the discussion of Weibo, if you are indifferent, then let others guess? Is it possible for a malicious person to be allowed to do so? Is there no need to explain the misunderstanding? Of course, Weibo discussions will also allow users to share a good experience with your business, but if you don't see it, you can't spread the information that is good for your business.

So today, companies are no longer exposed to microblogs. (Strictly speaking, this one can not count, but is not less the premise)

Second, weak implementation: Although the concept is not implemented

It should be admitted that most enterprises have recognized the power of Weibo, and has a greater sense of the concept has been a great improvement, know the trust, sharing, interaction and Word-of-mouth communication for today's enterprise marketing important role. However, many enterprises still have the lack of micro-blogging marketing talent, the lack of team building, the result is the implementation of micro-blog marketing seriously not in place.

The typical situation is that, on the one hand, the operation team has not explored the practice of Weibo, experience is not rich, at the same time, the characteristics of micro-Bo and even the role of understanding is not profound; On the other hand, the team members of the marketing knowledge and skills are not enough, neither in the micro-blog marketing in all aspects of the concept of modern marketing, there is no strong practical skills, Led to the implementation of micro-BO marketing greatly compromised, which led to the end of the micro-BO marketing the unsatisfactory results.

You know, in any case, the team is very important. The same microblog marketing plan, in front of the comprehensive ability of the team, will carry out a vivid, in front of the team with weak comprehensive ability, will perform the miserable.

Third, unclear positioning: the content is messy and disorganized

The direction is unclear, then your microblog will appear some unnecessary or inexplicable posts or forward comments. Even some corporate microblogs sometimes appear for a long time without releasing information, sometimes chattering, sometimes rambling, sometimes irrelevant.

In fact, there are two fundamental issues to be taken seriously. On the one hand, Weibo has many functions to be fully aware of, on the other hand, each enterprise has its own actual situation and overall positioning. Enterprises should be based on the overall positioning of enterprises to determine the micro-Bo in the overall strategy of enterprise marketing positioning, and then clear the main goal of micro-bo marketing.

If you have a clear positioning and goals, then enterprise Micro-Bo can be in the planning of various stages of content and the corresponding topic classification with a clear direction, and in the event planning and interactive communication and other links can be around the core and clear objectives, so as to avoid in the micro-Bo marketing in the "just buried in a car crash, regardless of looking up the road" situation.

Four, the mentality is distorted: often have one night to get rich psychology

In today's China, many people have the impetuous mentality, reflected in the microblog marketing is often think of shortcuts, often elusive heretical, often think of a night of wealth--in a short time to get beyond the imagination of attention and influence. Indeed, sometimes some of the microblogging companies see the effect even they do not believe, but they know that it is through the army of cheating and other "crooked path" to obtain the false prosperity.

I often teach some of the micro-blog to gain attention and improve the impact of "positive path", but there are still many people or enterprises do not want to down-to-earth to practice, this is actually a distortion of mentality, it is necessary to correct things, otherwise, in the years to come, will inevitably lead to bitter fruit.

So you have to remember: Come out and mix, always return. Ears, the deception will one day be out of the world, then your corporate reputation may be a nosedive. If that's the case, conundrum.

V. Lack of norms: no etiquette and emotional control

Often in micro-blog to see some of the company's account of the improper performance, such as with other accounts, or with other accounts of acrimony, or with other accounts formed tapping even to scold, or in the enterprise Weibo grumble, or inadvertently to the company's secrets to the public.

This is actually the enterprise micro-BO use of the process is not standardized performance. Although Weibo is a very versatile business for businesses, it is free to use its imagination to publish and exchange information, but that does not mean that corporate Weibo, corporate Minos and general employee microblogs can freely express any ideas or opinions.

Should be based on the characteristics of the enterprise to develop a specific micro-bo use norms, chapters. For example, it is prohibited to disclose the business secrets of the enterprise, to prohibit the publication of information not officially published by the Enterprise, to release information that is prejudicial to the corporate image, to complain or grumble about work in Weibo, to prohibit the use of vulgar language, to refer to the relevant departments for unclear business issues, etc.

Vi. Lack of interaction: the habit of not getting rid of tradition

On the author's observation, the current enterprise Micro-blog, there are more than 90% of the lack of interaction or even the situation of interaction. Well, that's a pity and very dangerous thing.

And do not say that the social media such as micro-blog should be more to reflect the interactive communication, in micro-blogging and enterprise-related content, there is an urgent need to interact with the situation. For example, if someone asks you about the specifics of a business-related product, do you ignore it? If someone else is using your enterprise product and you have a question to ask, don't you answer? Well, you may not only be able to win new customers, but you will lose your old customers and even your reputation is falling.

This is actually not able to get rid of the traditional marketing habits of performance, but also the operators lack of communication skills performance. However, this is the place that must be improved, must be free from the past one-way transmission of ideas, must understand and carry out in action is: More interaction will enable enterprises and the outside world to enhance mutual understanding and understanding, will make the information more unimpeded, will make many misunderstandings can be clarified, even can make many crises in the embryonic state.

Vii. internal and external disconnection: Outsourcing companies are unfamiliar with the enterprise

Because some enterprises do not have a dedicated micro-Bo marketing talent team, they chose the Enterprise Micro-BO marketing outsourcing. It would have been understandable and understandable, however, some outsourcing companies are not familiar with the micro-blog, or take some means to deal with, or do not take the time to fully understand the business and products or services of the specific situation, resulting in micro-BO marketing outsourcing companies and services business disconnected.

One of my suggestions is that the micro-BO marketing enterprises themselves need to micro-BO basic characteristics and functions have a certain understanding, not in the case of total ignorance of the micro-blog marketing to the third party to operate completely.

My other suggestion is that if the company chooses to outsource microblog marketing, it must discuss the basic plan with the outsourcing company and ask the outsourcing companies to know more about the positioning, basic situation, basic concept, main business, flagship product or service of the service enterprise. At least in the outsourcing company management enterprise microblogging and interaction with users can not be like a "layman", if the enterprise itself has a corresponding micro-blog marketing team, or their own operational management more reliable.

Eight, alone: not integrated with other channels

In general, Weibo is not a marketing channel alone, but needs to work with other channels to work together. However, many enterprises either have only micro Bo a marketing channel, and there are no other thresholds are not good, the use of low-cost channels, or other marketing channels, but not with the micro-blog closely with.

In fact, Weibo can be fully linked to blogs, video sites, SNS sites, instant messaging applications, and many other online channels, as well as with newspapers, magazines, radio and television, and outdoor media, as well as through micro-blogging activities and live broadcasts in a variety of ways. More importantly, all kinds of channels should give full play to their respective advantages, coordinate with each other, and create the best marketing effect comprehensively.

In fact, many methods do not have much difficulty. For example, if an enterprise publishes a video on a web video site, or blog posts, or posted important information on corporate websites, and important product information posted on corporate Web sites, they can be forwarded to Weibo, plus links and attractive images, In this way, the use of micro-blog for the content of other channels to do the easiest to promote.

Ix. neglect of monitoring: Important signals are not captured in time

In micro-blogging operations, the need to control the operation of micro-Bo at any time, dynamic and continuous monitoring of micro-blog, and regular performance evaluation, and analysis of the reasons for Non-compliance, and finally based on the analysis of the adjustment and optimization of microblog marketing program.

However, many companies engaged in micro-blogging marketing ignore the monitoring of information, resulting in many important signals in the microblog are not captured in time. For example, the potential user's product demand signal, the potential user's product consultation signal, already has the user's good experience to share the signal, already has the customer Post-sale service request signal, as well as the enterprise credit crisis signal and so on.

These signals not only need to capture in time, but also need to respond to different situations, some need to expand the impact, some need to reduce the impact, some need to answer, some need to actively communicate, some need to explain, some need to make timely statements, and some need to report immediately to the relevant departments.

The capture of these signals is very important, whether you use manual or tool, not monitoring is certainly not justified, and there will be considerable risk.

Ten, the evaluation is not good: can not judge the effect of marketing

Do not evaluate the enterprise micro-BO marketing effect, also do not know the next step should be carried forward or improved place, obviously this to the Enterprise micro-BO marketing effect of the continuous progress is quite unfavorable. Of course, in the rapid development of micro-BO, there are many enterprises are not familiar with the method of evaluation, in particular, what are the indicators should be special attention.

From the scientific management point of view, you have to conduct a regular microblogging marketing evaluation, can be monthly, or quarterly, or six months, or in recent years. To evaluate the marketing effect of enterprise Weibo mainly includes the influence of micro-blog on the brand, the effect of enterprise micro-blogging service and the influence of enterprise Weibo on sales growth.

In each aspect, there are several fine KPI indicators, such as the impact of corporate microblogging on sales include direct impact indicators (such as the conversion of new customers from corporate microblogs and the average consumption amount) and indirect impact indicators (mainly refers to the new customer surface is not from Weibo, but has been affected by the information on Weibo. In contrast, direct impact indicators are easier to assess, but must be combined with the actual situation of the enterprise.

It should be noted that the evaluation is mainly to understand the effect of microblogging marketing, and find out the achievement of each KPI, as well as the reasons for good and bad, to provide a basis for future improvement.

In short, although Weibo is very hot, there is great marketing value, but there is no need to see it unfathomable, nor can it be understood as easy. As I mentioned in the article, the current microblogging marketing in most enterprises still has considerable room for improvement. Hope that all have the micro-bo marketing to do a good job, can carefully understand, practice and think of micro-Bo marketing aspects, as soon as possible to play the important role of Weibo. (This article has been published in "Digital marketing" September 2011 leapt (advertising grand), author: Chen Yongdong, email: cyd888@sina.com)

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