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Today, the Internet era, large and small sites are endless, http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/8817.html "> personal webmaster also abound." How to operate a website, is now to do to win the magic weapon, here summed up to do the ten points of the station, I hope to help you friends, less detours.

One, just stay in the release of corporate image and product information

Many companies in the introduction of the information process, the earliest thought is to the company's products, business profiles, corporate promotions and other information posted on the company's website. This approach is at best a number of electronic bulletin boards, not to play the interactive function of the network. Because the traditional industry operators are mostly conservative, so for the initiative to attack the majority of the recommendations will be cautious. In fact, the site should be set up by the network marketing perspective. In other words, it is possible to provide a channel for direct contact and communication between enterprises and consumers through the Internet, in addition to the existing marketing channels, and to provide another opportunity for the enterprise to sell the model. Therefore, the traditional industry to the site, should be the marketing Director's perspective of priority thinking. The second angle is from the management point of view, such as the company has a lot of business outlets or 1788.html "> branch, a variety of outlets between the document transfer or resource allocation can be through the website to improve business performance."

Second, fill the page with pictures, Java programs, Flash, music and so on

In fact, on the current speed of surfing the Internet, if you add too much flash or flame, or hang too many pictures, will affect the speed of transmission, so the general lack of confidence in the customers, it is easy because of the reluctance to wait for the download finished, and the choice of the midway jump Open. In this way, the beautiful web page will not be seen! According to our service experience, more and more customers choose practical sites, do not want to choose too fancy website. Because there is no patience to wait as long as the Shockwave program download time; another clean, well-organized Web page is easier to read, customers can find the information he wants in a very short time, do not have to be disturbed by too much visual pollution. So the company's Web page does not need too many art, because to see beautiful pictures, customers naturally have the right site can be on, do not waste customers download time and money.

Three, a long time does not update

If the information of a website is updated only once in one months, who would be interested in this site? Of course, information update and maintenance costs, because we are not doing a portal site or professional site, do not need to update every day, if you can do weekly update or every two weeks update, and the site to indicate the update time or notice the next update time, will help inform customers when they can get the latest information online. Another so-called live Web site "Live", also refers to the need to have interaction with the customer mechanism, such as mailing list system, message board or customer service system, of course, do not need to have everything. Must be targeted at the site, choose the right to die mechanism, at the same time for customers to deal with the comments, also need to be timely, can not let customers lose confidence in the site!

What else do I want?

Many business owners often say that you see my competitor XXX website is great, what functions have, the page is beautiful, quickly help me get a more beautiful site to fight with him! This idea is really sad, the website is not to do to good-looking, also definitely not in the website than who beautiful! The real key is that you want the site, What practical functions can be provided? As long as the Web site can meet the original design concept, can help enterprises shorten the process of time or improve efficiency, this is a useful site. Especially if your own ideas change and change, whether your site is outside the production or by the company's IT staff to build their own, the encounter such a boss, the site will have little chance to succeed.

Not pay attention to collect feedback information, do not follow the feedback information to make corresponding adjustment

Some people tend to overlook the important point that the site's future is determined by the visitors to the site, and satisfying them is often your first priority. I've had this experience before. Site construction in the early days, there are often readers complain about the page garbled and Chinese folding lines have problems, and later after research, changed the page settings, basically solve the problem, so that our visit to a higher level. It is particularly important that if we do not actively seek the reader's feedback, we may never be aware of our mistakes.

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