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"People's places have medical presence!", "the medical profession is never backward industry!" Medical SEO Rookie Hearing these two words would be like being infused with chicken blood, even experience a few months of dry hair outside the chain, will also burn up the fight I have been such a dozen chicken blood, although the argument is somewhat exaggerated but I do not belittle the meaning of medical seo, on the contrary, I think medical seo very promising. This conclusion refers to the following three basis:

1. With the State policy to support the development of private hospitals, private hospitals across the country have sprung up everywhere.

2. With the explosive growth of Internet users, the proportion of access to medical information from the internet has risen sharply. The relevant departments of the State began this year to call for hospitals to open online booking channels, but also to make medical seoer more confident.

3. Medical Seoer has been struggling in the domestic SEO first front, is learning seo one of the fastest growing industries.

Wind fish into the medical industry has been 4 months, experienced from the outside chain Commissioner to the Friendship Link Exchange to the current external Promotion Group analyst. There is a systematic understanding of the introductory work and the scope of responsibility of the primary medical SEO. Basically no SEO experience of new people are from the beginning of the chain, hair outside the chain of the process is basically a collection platform, registered vest, and then collect articles for false original, and then artificial hair outside the chain.

The first process is not familiar, need to find a step-by-step and old colleagues to take, a week to two weeks of familiar time, it is necessary to know skilled operation, one months later, or start to study the new knowledge of the chain, or is constantly trying to improve their hair outside the chain effect and the quality of the chain. After 3-4 months will begin to learn the knowledge of SEO autonomy and the ability to actively analyze data.

I think an employee without the pursuit of efficiency, every day with the same speed hair of the same outside chain, never want to hair faster, how to send better, how to leave the chain to a higher level of advance. Thinking and vision will be confined to the low quality of the outside chain circle.

This article mainly expounds how to enhance the efficiency of the chain Seoer, as the saying goes: "工欲善其事, Prerequisite", the following is my daily work and peer exchange summed up 10 points to improve the efficiency of the tools and methods. We have to do 10 seconds to do things, never delay to 11 seconds to finish, and constantly rushed into 9 seconds. Just like Liu Xiang hurdles, even 0.1 seconds of progress, is also very great!

First recruit: Sogou browser

For the chain Seoer, a good browser, not the use of what the kernel, not to expand the function is not much, but in the hair outside the chain encountered a variety of situations can be quickly processed. As of now, I prefer Sogou browser mouse gesture function. It only needs to gently hold down the right mouse button, so a pull, so a stroke, completed the target action.


Second recruit: worry-free landing

Outside the chain Seoer most hate things must contain such a "all day have to open a platform, and then enter the information of each vest." Worry-free landing can easily solve your troubles. A key batch Open is let me fondle admiringly.


The third Recruit: Publishing information page Tags open more

Often we have a platform to send more than one article, the traditional way is to send an election. As long as the use of this recruit "release information page tags more open", first one open multiple publishing page, and then send a close, and then to the User Center statistics of the chain URL. Do the same thing, but different ways will reflect the different forms of thinking of employees. It's like learning math by using the addition distribution law and the addition exchange law, not the silly one number of the addition.


Four strokes: shortcut keys

I've tested A and B two people. Open Sina Blog to enter the management page steps: A Use the mouse point 3 completed, B used 10 mouse clicks and 4 keyboard to complete. And I open the blog only one time for the keyboard, spents 0.1 seconds. Specific slow details will not speak, here to say is the setting of shortcut keys. If I have to write detailed steps, underestimate you or stifle your ability to explore a map, you should be aware of the rational use of shortcut keys your goal action 0.1 seconds to complete


Five strokes: Clear thinking

This trick is related to opening tabs and setting up shortcut keys. If you open a lot of labels and hair, you mess up, forget to send to which article and then turned over one after another proofreading; If set a lot of shortcut keys, use the time to forget which target set which shortcut key, one by one mistake, still have to check. This shows that the idea of clarity is how important, the last step to do what, now what to do, what to do next, must be in the mind to think clearly. This is directly linked to productivity.

In life, a clear idea directly reflects a person's IQ. People who don't know what they are doing all day are not aware of what they are doing; it makes sense to listen to other people's words.

Recruit: Batch Tool

If the new person is not familiar with the status of the query outside the chain included a URL to Baidu can be forgiven, if it is tossing out the chain for several months and so check, it is too unreasonable. One query is the least efficient method. What is the charm of the computer? is able to complete the set task at a fast speed of operation.

The heart has always remembered the teacher said a word, "there has been someone in order to calculate the PI spent a lifetime of time, has to solve the huge mathematical calculation and even the end of its life also no fruit, and the speed of the computer, a few seconds can be resolved. That's the magic of the computer.

1. First of all, introduce a batch query Baidu included + ranking of good tools.

Baidu included bulk query _ Long tail keyword ranking Batch query tool

http://sl.zoum5.com/This tool author: Sound, a pursuit of perfection and UI-oriented talent ~

The effect chart is as follows:

The current function has been strong, I believe that the end of the internet now there is no more comprehensive than this tool ~


Site Batch keyword ranking Query tool: This tool believe that smart you know how to find it ~


Seventh Recruit: Valid query

As an outside chain to promote the analyst, daily external chain of statistics and quality supervision is a daily must do. Effective query to the timeliness of the outside chain is very important, when I found that someone on the seowhy analysis of an efficient way to query the chain, I like to pick up the baby as happy.

The concrete method everybody can go to the original post to see, I outline the principle, is the use of Baidu time domain instructions, query within 1 days of the relevant domain increase, so that you can clearly see every day, how many of you sent out the chain, accurate data can have accurate analysis to have the right decision.



Eighth recruit: Efficient tools

One is the Forum post URL Extraction tool, the same is from the works of brother, a brief description of this function, at present many outside the chain will be in each major forum to do personalized signature and then desperately reply to the post, then this tool will be able to greatly improve your personality signature outside the chain of efficiency. The URL of the plate to query, and then click to not included in the latest post to reply, then your personality signature will be included in the post. This principle can be verified by the Baidu Snapshot ~

Tool Address: http://tq.zoum5.com/


Links Exchange Efficient tools: Haudy QQ mass download address their own online search this role through the following two pictures to express ~



Nineth Recruit: Effective classification

Effective classification is very important, mainly in two aspects: Time and folder. Date: Each document should be marked date, the chain daily need to do a report and document induction, the file name above the date can give you a glimpse of this document is what day.

Folder: The classification of the folder, you can make 100 of the files into 50 and then become 25 and finally become 5. And you can get a quick and accurate positioning.

Tenth strokes: Pens, notebooks

Carry a pen and notebook, write down every inspiration, write down every idea, write down every SEO sentiment. A good memory is better than a bad one.


Not only can remember SEO work, more can write down the life of dribs and drabs. After a few years, you can see on the paper that you are growing up, this feeling only now start to move to feel the chance

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