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Absrtact: No more. The 10th part of the "Call of Duty" series will be officially met, but not to mention the "Call of Duty" series has become a game of evergreen trees. For this latest game, Infinity Ward officially promised players

No more. The 10th part of the "Call of Duty" series will be officially met, but not to mention the "Call of Duty" series has become a game of evergreen trees. For the latest game Infinity Ward officially promised players a new storyline, play and role, so full of updates, players will naturally wait and see. There is Infinity Ward, this time "Call of Duty: Phantom", destined to be different. Here are some of the unique features of the game, these features are not in front of the total, let's take a look at the next.

1, human's good friend

As far as we know, players will have a four-legged partner who can at least take control of the dog machine. This machine dog can enrich the tactics of the stand-alone mode, and hope to appear in the multiplayer mode. This cute but deadly, aggressive dog will win a lot of killer rewards for the players.

2. Dynamic map

In fact, the dynamic map is not something new, "Battlefield 3" once took the dynamic map as a gimmick, but Infinity Ward is obviously better than their competitors.

In a multiplayer map, when players are fighting, nearby buildings can collapse at any time, and Phantom's play will be a major innovation in the series. In this way, every dynamic map battle is special. This is not a bad thing, the battlefield should have more noise, more unknown. Dynamic map, Infinity Ward came out with a very beautiful trick.

3. High intelligent A.I.

A.I in the Phantom. Intelligence has improved, that is to say, more agile teammates, and more deadly enemies. Former teammates will only yell at you, let you do this, hope now can understand what is called cooperation.

In the dive scene, it can be seen that even fish have applied basic a.i. Control. When your robot dog is fighting among the enemy, you can observe the tactical arrangement of the enemy.

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