Ten years of development from the end of the tour to the page when the long charge or into the next outbreak point

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Nowadays, the development of the client game is imminent, many people believe that the client game has entered the winter since 09. However, for the current market scale of the client game rapidly declining trend, many traditional client enterprises are looking for a breakthrough to rescue, innovation, platform, quality and even in thinking more suitable for industrial development of the charging model.

The change of charge mode in the ten-year development game industry

Referring to the charging model, the client-side gaming industry throughout the gaming industry has been a pioneer in the entire gaming industry, from innovative gameplay, screen promotion, engine development and charging mode. The client gaming industry has been digging the market and researching the market. From the original single game one-time sex fees, to the online gaming era of the month card, Zhou Ka, minute fee. With the rapid development of the network era, the client game market again innovation, gradually introduced prop charges, transaction fees and so on.

With the rapid innovation of the charging model, it also brings the rapid growth of the market scale, from the initial annual scale of more than 10 billion to the current more than 50 billion yuan market. Among them, the client swims in the entire market share more than 40 billion.

1999, when a client game entered the Chinese market, at that time, the main mode of charge is the time of the long charge mode, then the game time of about 15 yuan a week, but with the different needs of users, some enterprises quickly introduced monthly card charges, and most of the price of 30 yuan, 40, 45 yuan, such as three of the time charge. Since the network was only started soon, recharge cards can only through the software, Chun nets, crystal, etc. three channels for the sale of real cards, while marking the industry into the point card era.

2003 as another outbreak of the game industry, the client game market from a simple time-long fee model gradually derived props charging mode. Because the model of prop charge is different from the traditional mode, the difference of charging mode will also change the design of the game. Everyone is watching, only a small number of companies are trying. There are even companies that do two different types of servers directly at the same time. The forerunner has demonstrated the feasibility of the prop charging mode, thus the industry has made the qualitative change, simultaneously has caused the market scale multiplication tendency.

Advantages and disadvantages of prop charges

Carefully found that the prop charges although the user to enter the threshold, but also caused a lot of unfair incidents occurred. Rich users don't need to look for acting or buy equipment or other props from the user, but instead use the official mall to buy a replacement, and the character's rank is quickly promoted by double or multiple props.

Not only that, some enterprises directly to the equipment to build as the core of the enrichment system, from the color of the equipment to distinguish quality, from the number of equipment to gain more benefits, with ascending star Gem to promote the basic properties, with punched gems to increase the attachment of attributes, using attribute gems to overlay additional attributes, etc. Helmets, armor, trousers, wrist, necklaces, rings, shoes and so on, each need to upgrade, through the number of pieces to promote user consumption more. In particular, the page tour enterprises, even the introduction of VIP services, from experience rewards to play services, VIP level from 1 to 10 of the original game virtual society everywhere exudes coins of copper odor.

"Today's prop charging model is to accompany the prince to study." "Kirin game President Guyenling smiled. Cover always to the current prop charging mode described very apt, money is prince, no money is companion. The prince can be arrogant all day in the game world to dominate, and bullying is no money or no spending users. A user is bullied to trigger consumption. Second, the high consumption of "prince" player is the core users of the enterprise.

As a result of the enterprise mentality of the problem led to the deterioration of the charging model, as more and more imitation led to ordinary users from the product to the exclusion of a company and to the entire industry. Prop charges not only allow users to feel cheated, and let the product life shorten rapidly. The player's fictitious property depreciation, the user's balance of course does not exist. Take a vigilance to upgrade, a number of products to choose a section. Fooled two times, sad two times, may choose a product in dozens of products. Fooled three times, sad three times, users almost will give up this type of products. Many industry bosses said that the promotion more and more difficult, rather than say, users have been fooled more and more to become smarter, more and more difficult to cheat.

Classic return may be the savior of the tour

First of all, let's take a look at prop charges. The balance of the social system has disappeared, the interaction between players only left PK, the user is not in the same starting line, the user's own virtual product value can not be guaranteed, the user's only trading interests are also deprived of the enterprise. And the user gets only is the experience threshold to reduce, once the user realizes will evade.

Secondly, we look at the time and length of the charging mode. Between the user and the user by virtue of the time of hone and experience + luck more than ordinary people, rich users no matter what money can not be able to buy what they want, users and users at the same starting line. Smart users can play their own equipment sales to other users to promote the interests of users. Only time charge mode under the acting industry will be born, prop fees let this industry gradually disappear.

In addition, the industry to do time to charge the enterprises have. NetEase "Dahua West Tour" series has still kept the time charge mode, do not know netease to make more money for props? Jinshan west of the "Swordsman Love" series return to the time charge mode, from the "sword Net 1" time to "sword net 2" prop charges, now "sword Net 3" return time charge, this is why?

Perhaps the time charge will become the mainstream of the industry, from the industry point of view, the resumption of stand-alone industry shows that users are eager to be fair, tired of props charging mode, hate "accompany Prince Reading." and NetEase and Jinshan operation of the long charge mode of the product has been the focus of the industry products, although the promotion cost and prop mode of the cost of the same, but in the loss rate and since the growth of the long charge of the growth and two login is a prop charging mode several times.

Recently, Kirin game President Guyenling in the micro-letter pointed out that the time charge mode is a pursuit of the classic model, but also the excellent inheritance of the end-travel industry. Competition in the market, users will be preferred to choose the long mode, although the Arup value than the cost of props, but the life of the product operation is a prop charges several times. At the same time, the general said that Kirin is also in the layout test water when the long charge mode, that this model of the future more let users like.

Industry practitioners to these two types of fees to calculate a sum, he said, now props charge high Arup value is also more than 300, generally is more than 100. A prop charge product development cycle and time long charge mode cycle is the same, prop charge operation of six months to need to update the information film, increase costs. It is enough to update a new version once a year. From the cost of the long charge more outstanding, the product charge form the proportion of props charge up to 30%, and the time charge is hundred percent. The amount of value created from the total and the life cycle is even better. The same product, the time long charge also reduces the wastage rate. And the difference between the two is mainly a prop charge to the user for a short period of time to squeeze dry, so that users feel fooled. And when the user is not only not annoying, but also more voluntary.

Game industry more than 10 years of development, innovation is only the pretext of enrichment, boutique is to increase the synonym for consumption, the fee model is not changed to be fair, the user will be lost, the industry will shrink. And the classic model of the review will not only meet the needs of users, but also to the entire industry evergreen unbeaten.

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