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From the release of the "ACT" action brand overall brand LOGO to online action category integration topics, and then to the new generation of TGC2013 live action products for the collective outbreak, throughout 2013, Tencent investment in the action category is not much , Action can not be said without rapid. The overview of Tencent in the past year, for action categories to do all the marketing and word-of-mouth marketing behavior, it is not difficult to see the context, one of the core keywords is - integration.

Tencent action category topics

Tencent is trying to integrate its nine new and old mobile games, including DNF, C9, Monster Hunter OL, Blast Blade, and Sword 2, into a complete Tencent mobile game Class "overall brand. Ten years in the development process of Tencent game, with such efforts to a variety of products for a certain brand of brand integration, is undoubtedly unprecedented. Tencent for such a round of brand integration, but also bound to make a considerable investment in resources. And because such an approach is also the first attempt Tencent, trial and error, groping, strategic adjustment and other factors will inevitably loss, the overall cost of investment is bound to be higher.

So, Tencent so practice, what is the value of it?

Tencent action category nine products

Ten of its nine mobile products category, both come out for many years of classic old, there are also released soon new products, both 2D horizontal version, there are next generation 3D quality products, both rivers and lakes martial arts, there are magical and celestial theme , And such nine products, their respective potential target users is obviously different. Before starting to try to integrate the overall brand marketing, as nine independently operated projects of Tencent, these nine products will naturally exert their efforts to attract users. In specific marketing campaigns, in order to attract as many users as possible, Every product in the propaganda which is bound to emphasize their own sense of combat, professional characteristics, even strokes and other action attributes of excellent quality, and for the difference between the nine products, but it is bound to be similar in this theme of propaganda is different To a degree buried.

And when Tencent uses integrated marketing for the nine categories of action products and based on the above products, it proposes "excellent sense of combat" and "even strokes of freedom and scalability", "professional personalization and precise occupations Skills to determine "," balance and playability of the PVP confrontation, "the four major action categories, including standards. With the deepening of brand integration marketing, these four major standards are gradually deepening the action of online game users, and gradually formed the impression that "all Tencent Department of Action online games must meet the four standards." On this basis, users only need to consider the performance of each product in terms of subject matter, style, picture, fighting style and other subdivisions on the choice of specific products. Then, users find their exact product to meet their needs, the online activity and retention data will naturally increase.

To combat the long feeling of "Monster Hunter OL"

Such a clear logic, with strong user access capabilities of Tencent, is bound to any one product market innovation efficiency has played a significant role in promoting, Tencent also be able to more accurately distinguish and grasp the user preferences , And then for the more precise marketing strategy, advertising strategy to bring convenience.

Action category topics explain different product features

In addition, for the entire Tencent action products, the combination of the nine products into one, showing the overall brand image, but also conducive to other manufacturers with online games in the action of the direct market competition - to ask, any one vendor , Any one product, sitting in the face of nine products, style, subject matter almost covered all types of action subdivision of the overall brand Tencent action category, how can have the slightest advantage at all?

Therefore, it can be said that for the brand action category for its integrated marketing, for Tencent, both inside and out, there is no harm. Not surprisingly, this strategy is bound to continue until 2014, and even longer.

About Tencent action category

After six years of development, Tencent Games formally proposed the four major categories of action categories, and determined to bring more exciting action experience to all players keen on action games. Tencent game layout differentiated action online games, targeted subdivision player groups, To meet the diverse needs of different groups of users, bring distinctive action games with nine distinctive features to create Tencent action category, a new benchmark for achievements in the industry.

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