"TERA" announces the gun Knight Melee setting uses the Spear line attack

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The latest news of September 13, South Korea bluehole Studio development of the expected masterpiece of "TERA" published in the Game "Gun Knight (the Lancer)" Set details: The Gun rider in the game belongs to a melee character, the use of weapons for spears and shields. The career was set up from medieval knights in Europe, where they all rode at once to fight with spears.  The game changed it into a step-warfare class and added a shield. The weapon Knight's combat characteristic is the attack distance is long, the attack way multiple line attack, for example Thorn. Because of their heavy armor and weapons, their movements are slightly slower, but they can be guarded by the shields and steadily.  And this is the only thing in the game that is allowed to use shields for physical defense during combat.  In addition, the knight can also launch a long-distance sprint, although there is a certain length of time and need to attack the object with their own line, but once hit its lethality is very considerable. If you really like melee, the gun rider would be a good choice.
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