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South Korea hangame operation, Bluehole Studio development of the second generation MMORPG "TERA" on-line one months, into the operation of stable period. According to South Korea Gametrics released February online games comprehensive ranking situation, "TERA" use time share of 12.7%, after the "Eternal Tower" 15.15% ranked second. January after the public test of the formal commercial "TERA" updated the "big reversal" content won the player's consistent high praise, beat "surprise" ranked second. February again updated the "battlefield" to maintain a second ranking.  After business, the "TERA" share did not fall as much as expected, but narrowly defeated the raid by a 12.7% share. The opening of the game, on the basis of Unreal Engine3 development of the target-free combat system, as well as unprecedented majestic scene and the real sense of the game screen attracted countless players eyes. Bluehole Studio to develop "TERA" can recover huge investment and can compete in the fierce competition with the NCsoft "Eternal Tower" is the focus of attention.  Today's market is not a big investment will certainly be popular, people expect "TERA" can give the exhausted Korean game market bring new vitality. ▲ February Online Games Comprehensive rankings (source: gametrics) "TERA" in the public test of similar vulnerabilities such problems have occurred, but in the formal commercial, the history of the largest investment in the development of the "TERA" has been very high evaluation, to 175,000 people at the same time the number of online rewrite history. Here, Hangame actively deal with the adverse effects of automatic hunting system on players and make drastic adjustments. And to do a good job of customer feedback services such as the external establishment of the image played a key role.  South Korea's industry seems to be very confident that "TERA" can inspire more players, so that players have been tired of online games back to the group, driving other genre game development.  ▲ "TERA" at the beginning of the development of the target-less combat system has won the attention of many players. The current problem is the January commercial "TERA" if there has been no update, to April full level of the number of players will be more and more. Players need to increase the level of restrictions and large-scale system updates rather than simple content updates. Not only that, developers are also faced with the loss of new players, as well as high level players new rules game content updates and many other issues. How to solve these problems for the players to bring long-term satisfaction is the developers should be resolved and cautious treatment of the problem, "TERA" the growth of the road is very long.
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