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Recently, the Korean NHN Company announced the 2010 financial report, "TERA" after the commercial operation of the official statistics online number of more than 170,000 records, and is expected 2011 "TERA" will profit 80 billion won (about 470 million yuan).  Too-exposed character clothing will be a major obstacle to China. But developers Bluehole studio staff are not as good as they look.  Because, a network game need to meet the basis of fierce fighting, but also the balance of all professional problems and other issues have to solve. "TERA" In this regard, Bluehole Studio development manager "Park" said: "Heard TERA" at the same time the number of online people have more than 170,000 news is not a little happy. Because, the problem that needs to solve in the game heap becomes a mountain. And it takes a while to solve all the problems. So I also implore players to be able to patiently wait for a while, I believe we will make everyone satisfied.  "The following is an interview with the manager of" Park "development manager," Huang Yong ", director of the Bluehole Studio company in the latest issue.  Q: I heard that the game is solving the problem of professional balance, the news is true? A: Yes, the news is true. First of all, the problem of the balance of professional role is always one of the subjects. We have previously adjusted the issue of the balance of the Mage's professional role, and we have recently adjusted the issue of the role of the pastor and the elves.  And we will be part of the production of props and drop rate, heraldry skills, such as the nature of the adjustment.  Q: Many people talk about the late stage, the overall difficulty of the dungeon will be very high, this question you will solve it? A: In fact, the overall difficulty of the game adjustment is a problem that needs to be solved forever.  We adjusted the difficulty before the game was tested, but the results were less than ideal. At present, our game development team is considering how to solve the problem of ease of play.  If, after the adjustment still can not achieve the desired effect, we will be at any time to update the upgrade work.  Q: Many players said the game in the Advanced Dungeon drop rate is not very satisfactory, how do you think of it? A: We check the item drop rate data record in real time. At the same time, we feel that players should have the challenge of desire. So, the benchmark probability of the drop rate is adjusted. Of course, this drop rate will be properly adjusted after the account. Ask the players to give them understanding and forgiveness.  The problem is well understood and we will resolve it as soon as possible.  Q: Does it feel like the game is too biased in team hunting? A: We have recognized this and are looking for the right solution.  At the same time, we will strengthen the basic content of the game, so that players even if the single combat or team up to fight the same can feel the joy of the game.  Q: When you go to a special area, the high-end configuration of the computer will also have a delay phenomenon, can be given to solve it? A: IThe game Engine department is collecting all kinds of data instantly, and they are aware of the problem.  In fact, this is a bug problem, we will solve this problem thoroughly.  Q: What are the measures for the plug-in players?  A: For the use of plug-in players, we are the official game Monitoring Team to manage, and the intensity is very large.  Q: Many full level players feel nothing to do, do you understand this situation? A: This is already known, so we will update the battlefield and the political system in the game as soon as possible.  At the same time, players in the battlefield can feel a more intense stimulation of the battle, and the battle against the adverse situation can also take a reversal of the tactics of the Jedi counterattack.  Q: How is the development of the political system progressing?  A: Development has been basically completed, but we are choosing a suitable update time.  Q: What does the political system bring to the players? A: First of all, the Master Guild has a special Mount Prop. It was a white horse with a medal. At the same time, the leader can charge various taxes, management intermediary exchanges NPC, can also modify any location for PK battle. In addition, the leader can be in his own territory to add maintenance of security equipment props.  However, this device will bring a little trouble to other players.  Q: Do you consider adjusting your professional role shape? A: This is a more sensitive issue. We feel that the possibility of modification is almost non-existent. Because, each character has its own characteristics.  Therefore, we still want to retain the original professional role profile.  Q: Have you considered adding change names, changing race and other related game content? A: Yes, but the service is specific and needs to be discussed with the division.  Only the specific update to add time is not certain.  Q: "TERA" This year's specific operational objectives? A: We try to meet the various views of all players, so our game operations department is also actively working hard.  Because our game development team is trying to solve all the problems as soon as possible, even the high number of players online will not have much time to be happy.  Q: What are some of the things that make you feel dissatisfied? A: A lot of players only choose a popular location to hunt, which is our regret.  We also want players to go to other locations to try out hunting upgrades.  Q: Some players say the role of some children not suitable places, this question how do you think? A: Each occupation has a corresponding style of clothing, in fact, the design process may be too bare. And players in the use of camera function observation, found a lot of problems.  Therefore, we also consider to revise some disharmonious content.  Q: Do you want to add shape modification props? A: Yes, and will be updated for a long time to add new props.  Please player friends look forward to!  Q: Do you consider adding game story content? A:MMORPG content element Update easy, chooseContent is not very easy.  So, we're considering other ways to reinforce the game story.  Q: Most players question the official update bulletin, what do you think of it?  A: If you want to write all the content in words and not expect the player to see, so we chose to open only a small part of the updated content also please understand.  Q: Finally to support the "TERA" players say a word? A: We feel very relieved to have a lot of players concerned about TERA. Although the game has a lot of people can not be satisfied with the place, but please give us some time, we will not let everyone down. (Edit/Xu Mingming)
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