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From the beginning of the year to the present, Tesla, a luxurious electric sports car manufacturer currently selling only over 20,000 vehicles, has reaped much more attention than any car manufacturer that has sold millions of cars at any time.

According to Bloomberg News, Chinese businessmen account for a continuous escalation of trademark infringement cases between Baosheng and Tesla in China. At the same time, since October last year, Tesla, which claims to be the "safest car," involved 6 fire accidents. In a recent accident, the car broke down even after impact, thereby raising more questions about its battery safety and even the structure of the car's body. At this juncture, Tesla also faces allegations from internal shareholders about concealing Model S's security risks.

In the face of so many turmoil in the case of Tesla, the prospect seems to be greatly reduced.

Trademark infringement case escalation

On the evening of July 7, the article quoted by Auto News from Bloomberg as saying "Tesla sued in China by businessman, escalating trademark dispute" Said Tesla needed to close its motor showrooms, service centers and booster facilities in China, stop all sales and marketing activities in China, and pay him compensation of 23.9 million yuan (3.9 million U.S. dollars).

In August last year, because Tesla and TESLA were registered with domestic businessmen as Po Sang, Tesla founder Elon Musk had to push back the plan to open the first retail store in Beijing. Until the beginning of this year was opened welcoming. Not only the brand name is preemptively registered in China, but even the domain names "tesla.cn, tesla.com.cn" are registered by the above persons. In the end, Tesla had to use the domain name of "Top Speed" to build the website again.

However, the weekly reporter found that, whether it is "tesla.cn" or "tesla.com.cn", the use of search engine search results point to a website called "skin care network", after accounting for Po Sang said "Tesi Pull the electric car is about to start booking "and follow-up of a series of discourses are everywhere nowhere to be found. The reporter tried to contact accounted for Bao Ssu-sheng himself asked about the lawsuit related matters, but the other party has been no reply.

On July 9, Tesla, in response to a Chinese businessman's allegation of trademark infringement on behalf of Baosheng v. Tesla, issued an official statement in response to which China's regulatory authorities have already dismissed the trademark improperly acquired by Bao Baosheng and sought to challenge China's regulatory The department decided that this act will eventually fail.

Tesla also stressed that all these circumstances do not affect their business in China. The company already sells and delivers vehicles in China, accounting for Po Sang's stealing of Tesla intellectual property rights without affecting the company's continued sales and delivery of vehicles in China.

However, things are still far from the end of the painting. On July 14, Zhan Bao-sheng voiced his voice through the media saying he still holds the trademark rights of "TESLA" and at the same time claimed that the trademark was also useful for some of the auto products he made during these years.

"Although there is nothing wrong with accounting for Bao Sheng on the legal level, his approach to ethics is easily questioned." An insider told the Die Zeit reporter.

Six fire accidents occurred during the year

In the event of a dispute over trademark disputes, there is still no conclusion on the other side of the car, but Tesla vehicles again came out with fire accidents.

On July 4, a rare collision occurred in the Tesla Model S model in Los Angeles. At that time, the Model S hit a light pole at high speed and the body broke up in two pieces. The battery then burned down and burned the body.

On July 7, Tesla's official response to the outside world said the accident was true. Spokesman Simon Sporol said the damage to the car body was unimaginable because the accident was different from the previous natural event and could not be evaluated more. "There are not many Model S cars that have had major accidents, and obviously they do not look like this, so we want to know exactly what happened."

In fact, this is the sixth incident in Tesla that took place within nine months from October last year to the present.

On October 1 last year, a Tesla electric car caught fire on a highway in the southern part of the United States due to a collision. Later on the 28th, November 6th and November 14th of the same month, Tesla Model S was operated in the United States and in the United States A collision with an object on Mexico's roads caused the battery to catch fire, and a vehicle fires suddenly when a California car owner charges the car on the 14th of November.

Although these events continue to raise questions about the safety of Tesla's car batteries, even the U.S. safety regulatory authorities have started to consider investigating them. However, so far the consumer enthusiasm for Tesla has not been obstructed.

Media reports said that Tesla's integrated supply of spare parts may cause potential risks to the safety and reliability of its products. According to foreign media reports, Tesla a shareholder for Ross Weintraub is suing Tesla, saying the group, Elon Musk and the board conceal Model S's security risks.

In response, Tesla officials responded by saying that the "litigation is of no benefit and that a corresponding defense will be made against it."

To most people in the industry today, Tesla's outlook is still closely linked to its share price, which correlates with the rise or fall of its share price on every relevant public opinion.

On July 15, Tesla was reportedly allowed to open five Tesla outlet stores in Pennsylvania. Governor Tom Corbett has now signed the bill. Affected by this news, Tesla shares rose 8.57 US dollars overnight, or 3.93%, eventually closing at 226.7 US dollars / share.

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