Tesla sold less than 2500 in China throughout the year

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Absrtact: Elon Musk last year made Tesla China a sales target of 10,000 vehicles, and Tesla's sales in China were less than 2500. Charging facilities and service centers are not in place, causing vehicles to be unable to deliver, Tesla imported from abroad needs to pay 25% tariff to high price

Elon Musk last year made Tesla China a sales target of 10,000 vehicles, with Tesla selling less than 2500 of the year. Charging facilities and service centres are not in place, causing vehicles to be unable to deliver, and Tesla's import from abroad to pay 25% tariffs on the high price, are all possible reasons.

March 16, Tesla Investment and government relations director Ken Morgan and other people visited Lifan group, the latter in the field of new energy vehicles for many years. Coincidentally, another car enterprise Changan automobile has been suspended since March 9, given the reason is in the preparation of major issues. The news of the upcoming joint venture between Changan and Tesla was rife, although neither side responded, but did not hinder the media and other parties to the Tesla in China to build a reasonable analysis of the plant.

It looks as if a joint venture to avoid tariff troubles is a viable strategy in China, but with more than 50% of Tesla's sales coming from the United States and 2014, with more than 2000 vehicles in China, and less than 10% of the company, the rush to build a plant in China is a bit premature.

"But if Tesla wants to take China as its second-largest market, it must consider the key issue of selling prices." "An analyst from the auto industry analyzed the daily economic news," he said. Tesla in China launched two models S85 and model S P85 the price is 734,000 yuan and 852,500 yuan respectively, in the foreign Tesla is 89600 U.S. dollars. Two car sales are dismal, Tesla China hopes to save sales of the new model P85 D to enter China in 2015, in the long run, it is feasible to build plants in China.

Because Tesla is not just a "low" BYD, the active layout of the new energy vehicles and BMW, BMW's i3, i8 received less attention than Tesla, and with Tesla's charging standards have not been able to meet the national standard, BMW i3 charging facilities are in line with the domestic charging pile of the general standard (GB T 20234.1 and GB/TS 20234.2). Furthermore, BMW, which is not plagued by tariffs, has been selling for years, and Tesla has not had much experience at this point.

In fact, Tesla in the charging standard this matter has made efforts, but its way is to let other manufacturers adapt to TESLA standards. Tesla had previously shown the best to BYD, but the latter was ungrateful, saying "Tesla could consider using BYD's charging system". Ms Merkel also said in a visit to China last July that the two countries would co-operate in the field of electric vehicles to establish a unified charging technology standard. By peers and officials left at the same time Tesla, single-handedly to date, in the mainland has built 51 extra charge stations, 200 charge piles, in the face of consumer demand is really a drop in the bucket.

To be aware, the reasons for the poor sales of Tesla, although there are divergent views, but the core of the charging facilities are not complete. Tesla can charge at home 110V power supply, high efficiency charger and super charging station. However, this does not apply to the Chinese market, because China and the United States are different, living in the U.S. Elon Musk not to consider the Chinese users are mostly living in the apartment, few people have their own private garage, the use of 110V power is almost impossible to talk about.

Anyway, charging network is difficult to quickly in place, the unification of the charging standards is not anytime can be resolved, Lifan's electric power to improve the single mileage of EV, the company's research and development of the pure electric vehicle chassis power technology has been the national patent last April, change the battery time can be controlled within three minutes. Whether or not the partnership can be reached is on the side, at least as Tesla has begun to engage with Chinese partners.

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