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The advent of the mobile Internet era, BAT strong blocking of the Big Three, APP developers more than knee in the knee, how can we break through? July 6, the world's largest real machine automated cloud testing platform Testin Cloud CEO Wang Jun bluntly developers should comprehend the essence of Xunzi's "gentleman life is not different, good fake thing also" essence of the idea, with the active use of external resources, Tests examine any issues that may affect the user experience, thereby preventing the user from getting out of the way.

Wang Jun in the Braun Ou Tuo mobile advertising platform & seven cattle cloud storage jointly organized by developer Sharon (Beijing Railway Station) said on the scene, the developers of the game, the application can eventually come to the fore, the difficulty no less than the emperor elect Princess, in addition to its own stunning, Outstanding, but also in the release before careful detection of problems, improve quality, early release and operational phase of the user continued to focus on the use of the process, a slight negligence, will probably come to naught.

Wang Jun believes that the interesting part of application development is that the problems discovered by the pre-release version can be quickly released through the new version so that it can be revived before the complete failure, as if the pilot did not fly once before the pilot took off, Should carefully check each item in accordance with the flight regulations, it may be possible to reduce the risk of flying to a controlled range, developers must grasp the fate of the aircraft, it is necessary to carefully examine each technical details, and detailed analysis of each user as a passenger in general Experience experience.

First, the application before the release of the test test items Pre-release check items include the inspection of fatal errors, risk errors, fatal errors, including installation fails, start crash, resource package download or load failure, login failure, and risk errors, including start Over time, resource package download time is too long or loading time is too long.

1. Installation failed

The current developers often wonder, their own user development, debugging phone, colleagues around, friends, mobile phones can be normal installation, use, why there will be a large number of users failed to install the problem? The root cause of this problem is the fragmentation of the terminal, not only the existence of Android, iOS problems are also complicated, to explain a bit more complicated, because it involves the rigor of the program itself, the user terminal hardware configuration, OS and OS versions, Of course, there may be problems caused by terminal hardware and program conflicts.

One of the most overlooked phenomenon is the compatibility of the low version, for example, iOS only supports 7.1, or Android only supports 4.1, in fact, there are a large number of white users from the phone to buy hands never on the OS upgrade level. Do not underestimate the seriousness of the problem, because every model phone may mean tens or millions of potential users. However, to solve this problem is not complicated, the easiest way to find as many as possible to try enough users, and then rapid iteration version; of course, there is a simple way is to find Testin cloud such platform, a large number of free models Capital test.

2: start crash

This problem is even more complicated to explain, through the log analysis of the test report, but also select the effective method.

3 resource package download, failed to load

This issue is definitely related to cloud service deployment and CDN acceleration settings, which can only be solved by stress testing before the release.

Login failed

Technically only through the user test and implant application analysis SDK to determine the problem in the end where.

Boot time is too long

Application of the game start time is too long to judge is not the developer's own test results in the laboratory, dozens of hundreds of thousands of tests may not find the problem, service capabilities, the common problems may be with the user's mobile phone Configuration, after hanging program, mobile phone memory SD card environment, network bandwidth and many other factors. Through the user stress test, is an effective solution.

6. Resource package download, loading time is too long

Resource package download time is service performance problems, and the loading time is too long may be related to the program architecture and the user terminal, through stress testing, user testing, built-in application analysis SDK results analysis can be relatively effective to identify problems and risks .

Second, the application release, the operation of the test during the test

1. running collapse obviously their phone is operating normally, why so many users are still complaining in the store, the fundamental problem is that the user's environment is extremely fragmented, and only through the built-in application analysis SDK data analysis and see Is the thread stack, CPU, Mem, disk or some other link is not a problem, fix the bug as soon as possible, again submit an updated version.

Of course, if it's iOS, you only expect that God will not download any more until the same AppStore update is approved by God, or complain that it is like a flood of reviews in the store.

Service failure, poor performance across carriers, cross-user, such problems often appear, the method of solving the problem is still the same thing. 3. Purchase, payment, transaction failure, poor performance developers most concerned about, so the contrary is the least need to worry and size.

4. User experience slow, card, Dayton Such issues are usually the most easily overlooked, but for non-game applications, it is similar to people's sub-health state, the user may not leave you, but the impression that once Was formed, then change it difficult to think.

On the other hand, the solution of this problem is relatively more complicated. For example, CPU, GPU, memory, SD card, application-based algorithms should be optimized according to the hardware configuration of different user terminals, and sometimes the hardware API Or SDK, in order to gain the user experience. "驽 馬 ten driving, meritorious service." Wang Jun finally suggested developers just make good use of the surrounding conditions, perseverance, will be able to achieve more than expected results.

According to the statistics, since Testin cloud test, the world's first cloud test platform launched in 2011, it currently has over 3800 different types of mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs and OTT terminals, providing services to 280,000 mobile game and application developers worldwide, The current total assessment has exceeded 50 million times by the end expected to break billion. At the same time with IBM, InTel, ARM and other major global mobile chip suppliers, Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba, Qihoo 360 and other Internet service providers, Samsung, Lenovo, OPPO and other mainstream terminal providers to establish a close working relationship.

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