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The first two days of Google included in the site to maintain a good trend of rising, has been no problem, today suddenly my Baidu included T dropped more than half, Google included also a number of T, keyword rankings also declined. Don't know why. The following is a description of my site's recent actions:

1. Write articles to update the website, exchange links, write soft text promotion, April 7 (including 7th) before the site has maintained a good state, included and ranked normal and growth.

2.4 Months around 4th I am on the home page keyword density adjustment, the purpose is to "watch" and "watch net" density increase, because in order to achieve this goal, I can only "watch wholesale" the density of the word reduced. In addition to this, I also link the word from the original "watch wholesale" changed to "Watch net."

3. is also about April 4, Sina Blog on the soft text plus anchor text, originally I wrote on Sina blog Soft wen to facilitate the spider to visit, I directly labeled the site link, a few days ago a friend told me that the best or use anchor text, so I started from that day, the soft text are used anchor text links, the other did not change.

4. All along, my website article update, I did not add an anchor text, because I usually feel the anchor text when I surf the internet is very annoying, so there has been no use, but also my friend told me to use anchor text effect will be better, I only use, is also around 4th, I put on the site of the article also use the anchor text, However, whether it is a blog or their own site anchor text I follow a principle, is the first occurrence of each article with anchor words, and will not repeat the word anchor.

5.4 months, 7th, yesterday, I found that my links inside a website Baidu is included in the 0, and the promotion of articles have been written in 08, so I conclude that this site is K's site, so I told each other after the friendship link removed, but the other side to express his own "innocence", And did not drop my link from his site, which is now a one-way point to my site. t the link, I want to increase the chain, so I think of the blog has a lot of articles have not added anchor text, I did not hesitate to log on the blog, and the original did not add anchor text of all the articles are added anchor, but also follow the principle of non-repetition.

6. One day yesterday, I except t a link and to the blog old article anchor, but also uploaded two new product pictures, I believe that the site should be a problem with this action, just to let everyone know the situation, write out.

7. My website: blog:, people come up to see the situation, perhaps there are other problems found, and I did not find.

After this series of actions, this morning had this important discovery: The site was pulled hair. Good depressed, now I do not know what is the problem, logically speaking, add anchor text should not have a problem, t off by K friendship Link should be more no problem, the rest is the keyword density adjustment problem, the original "Watch wholesale" density of 7.1%, was I dropped to 6.2%, "watch Net" by 1.3% Up to 5.1%, "watch" from 7.2% to 7.6%, but I have been adjusting the keyword density is a few days ago, and in my density of the 2nd day, the site also added a collection, after two or three days did not find abnormal ... Why is that?

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